Why the Bodysuit Should be a Staple in Your Wardrobe!

Today I am gabbing about one item of clothing that I think should be a staple in a gal’s wardrobe. The bodysuit. 

If you don’t own a bodysuit, seriously…buy one! I honestly tell you this as a friend who wants the best for another friend. Bodysuits are the best way to feature a “tucked in” look without having to worry about the lines in your jeans/pants. There is only one catch. I would recommend the thong version! Just like the underwear it will leave you smooth & seamless.

I am on the lookout for long sleeve bodysuits for fall & winter! They are FANTASTIC pieces to layer (which is vital in the cold) so keep that in mind.

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie.


Floral Lace Thong Bodysuit | Seamless Ribbed Thong Bodysuit in Black & Bergundy

Wearing small in bodysuit. P.S. My palazzo pants are sold out (purchased in the spring). Shop my booties @ Cargo Jacket.

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