White Denim

Lace-Up Crew Tank | White Skinnies | White Pumps | Leather-Like Bucket Bag in Light Taupe | Waterfall Trench Last Season

I’m in love with white denim and I don’t care who knows it! It has been my staple for Spring & Summer and I have been pairing it with pops of color as well as black and white like in this post. This outfit was worn to church and it ended up being a “gloomy day” so I threw on my classic waterfall trench!

My heels! Who else is a heel addict? I can’t stop wearing them and I especially adore these classic white pumps. Cute story. I was thrilled my husband shot a close up of my heels and telling him so when he laughed and said “I just wanted to show you that your feet were purple”. While these shoes are one of my favorites I do admit, they are not the most comfortable heels. I ordered them in size 7 from Le Chateau and I almost wonder if sizing up to 7 1/2 would have been a better fit. I would highly recommend them as a church shoe or a formal event where you don’t do much walking. You all know those occasions right!?

I am wearing size XS in crew tank, size 24 in skinnies, and size 7 in white pumps for reference. By the way, black is no longer available in the lace-up tank but there are other colors. * I really like the gray!

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie. 


“Don’t Wait. Life Goes Faster Than You Think.”


Stay tuned for more outfits from LADYSTYLES!

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