If you’re here you probably already know that Ben and I have been keeping a lil secret, hehe. To be honest, I am still processing the news and the past few months have been intense to say the least. From finding out ‘I’m pregnant’ to navigating brutal morning sickness, I am finally starting to feel the relief of the second trimester and I couldn’t be more relieved/thankful! Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart, am I right?


We don’t really have a cute “finding out” story but when the day of my period came and went (my cycle is like clock work) I began to suspect. That along with boobs that started to feel like melons, LOL, I just felt weird. A few more days went by, then a week so I decided I should maybe give Ben a heads up that it could be a possibility.

We picked up a pregnancy test the next day (first time EVER taking a test, lol) and it was positive! *I didn’t even tell Ben, just left it in the bathroom where I knew he would see it, haha.

I don’t know how much detail I want to share about Ben and I’s conceiving story, we did wait to try and knew that we would have to be okay with any consequences. Our relationship has not revolved around having a family and to be honest, having a decade of just the two of us has been the most special time of our lives. We still in many ways feel newly married.

But, with that said, of course I couldn’t be happier to extend our little family. One thing Ben and I agreed upon 100% when we decided to start trying is that we would not let it overtake our lives. I knew I couldn’t handle it emotionally if I was hung up on getting pregnant. And I didn’t want to add that stress on Ben. Tbh, our “trying” was verrry chill! 2.5 years later, here we are, baby is on the way!

The funny thing is (and isn’t this just how it works) I was beginning to think that maybe a family wasn’t going to happen for us. And I was at peace with that. And then BOOM! Is that not legit LIFE, ha!


Boy, I was not prepared for what pregnancy would feel like. I will fully admit my naivety was in full force. And for some reason in my head I thought that because I always have the worst periods, that pregnancy would be easier on me. Must have been thinking it would feel like a break (it’s okay you can laugh, lol). It hit me so much harder than I was expecting. The nausea that would not go away, the fatigue, the bloating and extra pounds overnight. Literally, lol. AND learning how to eat because honestly I just never felt good no matter what I did! I can tell you one thing, your body does not feel like your own from day 1.

I finally am starting to feel like I am starting to catch on and second trimester so far has seemed to ease up (a little). I think the worst feeling of it all was how useless I felt. All I could do was drag myself to work and when I was home I was either laying on the couch or sleeping. Ben has been the biggest trooper, doing our laundry, helping me with meals and clean up ♥ Our house (and I) would have fallen apart without him.


As of today I am 16 weeks, 3 days and our official due date is November 22nd 2021. A lot of people have been asking if we are going to find out the sex. YES! I have a ultrasound in July and if baby cooperates we will be able to find out then. I’m just not sure if we will keep it to ourselves or share with everyone but we will definitely let you know regardless of that answer. I can hardly wait to find out!

I’m not really showing a whole lot yet to be honest but I have noticed a hardness in my lower abdomen the past week and just read that baby could double in weight in the next month so I am sure I will be (obviously) showing soon. For real, it’s mostly bloat right now, lol. I don’t know if you caught it but I literally gained weight overnight with that “yes” on the pregnancy test. I really think our bodies just know what to do and what needs to happen.

Before I go, for all the pregnant women before me, I commend you and if you have any advice for me, I would gladly take it. I have never romantized pregnancy or motherhood so anything to help me navigate this time sure would help, in fact I might be relying on you and this community a lot, xoxo, Emm.

Ben wanted announcement pictures with our new truck. I wasn’t exactly picturing it that way 😉 but it’s actually so cute and fitting because we’re adding a little passenger who will have to enjoy being on the go as much as we do ♥

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