Teddy Bear Jacket in the Summer

teddy bear jacket

I came across this teddy bear jacket surprisingly when I was shopping for my summer clothing. I had my eye on this style last winter but was never able to make the purchase. I just couldn’t pass it up this time so I thought I would buy and save it for when I would want it in the Fall. Not so shockingly, it cooled off a lot this past weekend and a teddy bear jacket was absolutely perfect in the cold wind while Ben and I were at Western Days (horse races)! I had no idea I would be styling it for weather in July but SK is a truly moody place when it comes to weather and I was grateful to have such a cozy escape. It was perfect over a tank and jeans. I also think a teddy bear jacket would be so cute over a graphic tee, jean skirt and sneakers on a cool summer day. And just wait to see how I will be wearing it in the Fall/Winter ♥

XO, Emmarie. 

P.S. Check out another cozy coat style that I love here!

teddy bear jacket teddy bear jacket teddy bear jacket

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