The Significance of Daily Choice

If you have been following my Instastories you will have learned that I am partaking in a daily water challenge. Based on my body weight I am supposed to drink 50 ounces of water a day. I don’t know if you can imagine how much that is, but it’s two huge bottles of water. And guys…it’s hard. I am terrible at drinking water and although it’s such a small daily choice it takes focus, self control and persistence to follow through. But I know that if I develop this habit in my life I will start to feel better in so many ways (just type benefits of drinking water into google and you will see). This is such a tiny example of a daily choice I can make that will benefit me long term! A day in itself may seem so insignificant but I have learnt there is so much value and importance in every single day that God blesses me with.

My take on it, if I can’t succeed in small but wise daily choices how do I expect to succeed in the big things…my life goals and dreams ♥

Just think about it. Our day is full of choices!!! From deciding to get out of bed in the morning and going to work, from what we put in our bodies, our activity level, to our interactions with family, co-workers, clients, ETC, it all matters. Days go by so fast and I personally have let one fade right into the next not thinking about how much I could benefit myself in the future by making wise decisions in the present.

Lately I have been focusing on the small things that I can change. For example, last Spring/Summer was absolutely gorgeous in Saskatchewan so I decided to go on a 30 minute walk every day on my lunch break and enjoy the amazing weather. Anyone that knows me, knows I am not a exercise person but shockingly my walks started to become something I looked forward to! It was “me” time and it was amazing to stretch my legs and feel fresh air in my lungs. That small decision evolved into me toughing it out this winter by going on walks (even in terrible temperatures). Last week it got to the point that I couldn’t handle the cold anymore so I chose to try working out inside following an online fitness trainer and the crazy thing is…I am actually enjoying it (although I will resume walking when weather permits). But the point is I have tried online fitness classes before and would do it for a day or two and then give up because I hated every second of it. I may be turtle slow on the fitness track but I can feel things shifting because I am going at the right speed for me. And I am not doing it because I have to, I am doing it for me. To benefit future me and most importantly enjoy how refreshing physical activity can be!

I am no pro at any of this! I am just taking baby steps. Baby steps that will ensure a better future and in all honesty have made me the happiest I have ever been! Best part is once a person decides to make wise choices on a daily basis it most often has a snowball effect in a great way! At least, that’s definitely been my experience.

XO, Emmarie.

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