The Sanctity of Marriage

Is it just me or are marriages these days falling apart? Some days I know I wonder if the the sanctity of marriage is lost?

Through someone extremely special to me who was put in a devastating position, I learned how relatively simple it is to divorce someone. It almost feels like people can wake up one day and just decide they don’t want to be a mr or mrs anymore. It breaks my heart.

It’s one thing to say a vow but it’s entirely different to hold yourself accountable, to carry it through the lifetime you share with the spouse that you chose. To choose to preserve the sanctity of marriage!

Marriage may legally just be a piece of paper but I am here to tell you it is SO much more. It is the most special, significant relationship you could ever place yourself in. It is the most personal relationship next to my relationship with Jesus Christ. And it is one investment that if you put in the time and work, you will never stop reaping the reward ♥

The topic of marriage is the dearest to my heart because it means so much! When you jump in with your entire heart and choose to love one another every single day, despite the challenges, you open yourself up to unconditional love. Benjamin and I have found a sweet spot, the 8 years we have been “one” have taught us incredible lessons and strengthened us as a couple. We realize that we are blessed to have found one another, especially at such a young age. We have witnessed marriages ending all around us and recognize the unique situations each individual has been in. It’s devastating realizing that not everyone’s love has been returned. Ben and I are the blessed ones but we are also the ones who have chosen to persist. Persist when it was bad. Nothing good in our lives has come without a lot of hard work including our marriage.

We want a happy and successful marriage so we choose to work on it. We choose to fight against a world that doesn’t want to see it succeed.

One thing that I have learned in my relationship specifically is that when you are married to someone who is so kind and gentle, you can’t help but mirror him. How can I treat someone who is so wonderful to me badly? I encourage you to practice this on your spouse. Treat him/her genuinely in love and just wait to see it returned back to you. It’s one thing my husband has taught me so well.

Happy 8 Years Benjamin ♥

You are my family and I am so thankful I chose YOU.

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