The Most Popular Striped Romper for Summer

striped romper
striped romper
striped romper

Okay, so the story behind this adorable striped romper is kinda funny because I ordered it online a few weeks ago and legit, the DAY after I placed the order my favorite blogger shared it on her feed. A couple days later another blogger that I love to follow shared this striped romper, and it just kept going from there. So, ladies, basically this affirms how great this play suit is because basically all the fashion bloggers are recommending it. Not only that but it’s comfortable and the price point is FAB.

So, guess what? I posted two new videos on IGTV (one of them actually includes this striped romper in it). Think, throw on quick, no fuss kinda dressing for summer. I attached details via and am hoping to bring more of these fun little videos your way throughout the summer. I think it’s such a fun way to share different ways to style items. It’s hard to do that in a blog so I think this is the perfect way to do so and be a little more interactive. xoxo

P.S. Would you wear this striped romper? I personally love stripes, check out another striped look here!


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