The Most Comfortable Dress for Travel

My husband and I were blessed to make a quick trip to Ontario this past weekend to visit friends and a couple landmarks we had on our bucket list. Our trip was quick, 4 days in total but we made absolutely every moment count! I don’t know how you like to travel but we LOVE fast pace trips. We like to take in as many sights as possible and don’t want to waste a second! During these high pace days I aim to wear comfortably stylish clothing that will see me through to the end of the day without too much fuss. I also try to pack clothing that won’t take up a lot of space in my suitcase. This grey midi dress is genuinely the most comfortable dress that I own. You may think that the form fit could cause discomfort but the material is so soft and the length of this dress is wonderful for sitting, standing, walking, etc. It’s honestly perfect for “on the go“!

These pictures were taken at Victoria Park in London, Ontario *home to our wonderful friends. Among visiting Victoria Park a fun thing we were able to do in London was eat the BEST Mediterranean food at a restaurant called Barakat. Ben and I are not adventurous when it come to food (we fully admit) so having our friends take us to this amazing restaurant was such a treat! I ordered the Mala Special (a salad with chicken schawarma and cabbage). Ben ordered the Beef Schawarma with Lentil soup. Both of our meals were divine and we will definitely go back to Barakat the next chance we get. The food was so fresh and delicious.

But probably my favorite thing about London was all the beautiful architecture! Ben and I drove around the University and surrounding the campus were gorgeous stone homes oozing with character and charm. My dream home is a 2 story brick house with a wrap around covered deck so I was going nuts over these houses! Classic homes like that are a rare sighting in Saskatchewan so I thought it was amazing. If Ben and I were to say one thing that surprised us about London it would be how “low income” the majority of the city is. I am not used to seeing that around home so it did take me “aback” a bit. Overall, we enjoyed our time in London and are SO glad we were able to make the trip!

Thanks for joining me in fashion and travel fun, XO, Emmarie. 


Midi Bodycon Dress

*Not my exact dress (sold out). The dress I am recommending has a different neckline and does not have slits on the side, so please keep that in mind when comparing it to mine. It’s available in 4 colors!

P.S. This look is fantastic with a over sized jean jacket and can be transitioned into Fall with a long cozy cardigan.

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