The Classics

Since little, I have been “awestruck” by classy women! Nothing beats sophistication, elegance and class. Not only is this a wonderful style to embrace but I believe women can truly posses these qualities even without the attire! More thoughts on that another time.

I assembled a few pieces that I believe to be classics (agree or disagree, hehe).

Wrap Dress

Short Sleeve Crepe Wrap Dress in Red and Black

It’s curve enhancing and flattering on any body type with the right fit.


Floral Neckerchief | Playful Print Neckerchief | Dotted Neckerchief | Colour Block Neckerchief

As you can see I had so much fun with this! I started off with it wrapped around my neck (felt like a stewardess), on my wrist, in my hair and on my bag! There are so many fun uses!


Classic Trench Coat | Belted Trench

This coat of mine is over 3 years old and ladies, it ain’t ever going out of style! Classic pieces like a trench coat are a great item to invest in because they will literally get you through the years. They are a not a fad item. They are a elegant, staple in a woman’s wardrobe!

Pointy Toe High Heels

Pointy Toe Pump (my exact)

I can’t stop wearing these heels. The classic cut goes well with everything.

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie.

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