My 30th Birthday!

30th Birthday

What a weekend! All I wanted for my 30th Birthday (still can’t believe I am leaving my twenties) was to be surrounded by my favorite people! I was definitely missing a few but my mom and my little sister came all the way from Alberta to celebrate with me! Best Birthday gift ever!

All in all, it was a pretty chill weekend. Alanna hadn’t seen our new place yet so we spent a lot of time at home visiting. And making homemade lattes and eating yummy food.

My mom is a manager at McDonald’s and gifted me THE caramel pumpkin syrup that they use in their lattes. I feel so spoiled and am so excited I can now have them without leaving my house. We watched Christmas movies and I had the privilege of doing their hair (cuts and colors) at the shop. One of my favorite parts of the weekend was meeting up in Yorkton with family and close friends. We met up at Mano’s for a Birthday meal to celebrate my 30th Birthday. It’s my favorite restaurant in Yorkton, hands down! We were able to have the back section of the restaurant completely to ourselves. It was amazing! As per tradition, I picked out a DQ icecream cake afterwards. I’ve already enjoyed two pieces (third one is waiting for me in the freezer) 😉

Turning 30 has been a daunting feeling, I won’t lie but it’s honestly not something that I am sad about. While it is a big milestone, it’s just another year older! And I am feeling so grateful to be where I am today, at this very moment.

I was so blessed to marry the love of my life at 21, work my way up to being my own boss and start this blog. All while travelling and prioritizing family. Where I was at 20 compared to 30, blows my mind! My heart and mind have opened in ways I didn’t think possible and I have pushed myself in ways that I never dared to think I would. My journey is mine and mine alone. And I have been trusting it to unfold exactly the way it’s supposed to.

The dreams and anticipation that Ben and I have for the future is so exciting. We are pushing ourselves to jump in, fearless (still working on that part ♥)!!!

XO, Emmarie

P.S. My exact jumpsuit that I wore to celebrate my 30th Birthday (can’t believe it) is the first one linked below. Can’t have enough black jumpsuits? Check out this blog post next!

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