The BEST Styling Products for Natural (NO-HEAT) Hair

the best styling products for natural (no-heat) hair

Styling Tips for Healthy Long Hair

Hello lovely, it’s been awhile since I have touched on my personal hair care regime so I thought this week’s blog would be the perfect chance to do so. Specifically I am going to talk about what I use for styling product on natural (no-heat) hair. For those that don’t know, I rock all-natural hair during the week and curl it on the weekends. The main reason I do this is because healthy long hair is my number one priority and I am over the top protective of my locks and the damage caused from heat tools. With that said, 5 days out of the week I rely on natural styling and the only way I get by is with the use of these 3 LIFE CHANGING products. Keep in mind that I wear my hair down a lot, so these are the products that best enable me to do so without using heat on my hair.


To some air drying hair is a foreign concept and to some, we couldn’t live without it. I am definitely in the latter. Not only does air drying your hair save you from extra heat damage, if you use the right products and have any kind of wave, air drying is the easiest way to rock the natural flow of your hair. This is where my air dry cream really comes in handy. Your hair will feel soft, airy and it will enhance any kind of wave/curl that you have. Just scrunch and go. It’s literally that easy.


For the days you want a little “extra”, this texture mist is fantastic. Simply spray and scrunch. I especially like to use it on days that I have leftover curl from the day before. I will generally brush out the top of my hair and spray the mist in the ends, scrunch and voila. It’s the bee’s knees!


Last but not least, I finish the style with lightweight hair spray. Be warned that this is not the hair spray to use if you want to cement your hair in place. Refinish hairspray allows for natural movement in your locks throughout the day while still providing the finish that you are looking for.

So, those are the three styling products I rely on throughout the week to keep my hair manageable while I give it a break from my heat tools. But, before you and I head out, here is one last little nugget.

How to: NO-HEAT WAVES *Twist hair into a low or high bun and tie with an elastic for the day. Let your hair down in the evening and you will have a beautiful wave for a night out! Make sure to seal the look with hairspray and twist the bun into place before you put on the elastic -to avoid an elastic line. xoxo

P.S. Let me know if you enjoy this type of blog as I definitely have more I can share in regards to styling products for natural (no-heat) hair. Also, if you want to learn more about this product line, I have a detailed blog post here!

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