The BEST of Hair Care Christmas Gift Guide

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Most of you know by now that I have been using Monat exclusively on my hair for a couple years so I thought I would round up my favorites in their line and what I consider to be the best of hair care products on the market. Not only have I had wonderful results with my own hair but I have been even more astounded by the results in both my clients and family member’s hair that are using Monat. There are a lot of options as far as shampoo and it can get overwhelming to choose – especially if you are trying for the first time so I thought I would recommend Renew Shampoo to start. It’s a great product to introduce you to the line that I have come to love so much!


One of my favorite changes in my hair since using Monat has been how little I have to wash my hair. I can often go 4 days between washes which is insane for me. The first three days I can wear my hair down and the fourth day I usually apply this amazing dry shampoo and wear it up! I really can’t say enough good things about their dry shampoo. It almost has miraculous effects which again is why I believe Monat is the best of hair care!


Since I try to apply as little heat to my hair as possible I save blow drying for special occasions. Monat’s air dry cream leaves my hair feeling soft and bouncy and enhances the natural texture in my hair!


Okay, all honesty I have not had the pleasure of using this wand set yet but it is HIGH on my wish list! Every single blogger with fabulous curls uses this wand set and I really cannot wait for the day I can pick this set up for myself. It comes with 3 attachments in different barrel sizes that are interchangeable.


I have been found guilty of this myself but if you are using heat tools on your hair you NEED to protect your locks. I love using a thermal styling shield before-hand. Since I generally only curl my hair on the weekends (to ensure its health), it’s comforting knowing that I am protecting my hair even further with this best of hair care product.


Like I said I don’t blow dry my hair often but when I do I always use this blow out cream and in result my hair is silky smooth with no fly away’s. I generally don’t even have to curl or straighten my hair after, it looks great with just the blow out.


This is not your typical “hold your hair in perfect place” spray. But I have personally found that my fine hair reacts better to a lightweight spray – it doesn’t weigh it down! In result you have volume while still providing a nice hold.


Say goodbye to split ends! This does not replace your need for trims but it can extend your time between. My ends are fuller and split ends are mended when I apply this magical product. It’s a product I didn’t believe in when I first ordered but after trying it I was hooked. The best way I can explain it, is it makes your ends look like they have been freshly trimmed. Magic, I am telling you;)


After the purchase of the wand, this hair dryer is next on my list!


The perfect product for enhancing day two or day three curls OR just your fabulous natural texture!


Tangles? Not anymore, hehe. I sometimes even use this in replacement of conditioner. My hair feels so soft in result. But, that about wraps it up! Hair products (especially best of hair care products) make such great gifts for Christmas and are a perfect add-in or complimentary item along side another gift. That’s why I was so excited to share my fav’s with you in the format of a gift guide. Still can’t believe Christmas is coming sooo fast! xoxo.

P.S. If you want to know more details about Monat, check out my detailed review here

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