THE Almond Toe Wedge ESPADRILLE to have this Summer!

If I could only recommend one pair of shoes that you must have for summer of 2019, it would be hands down, these almond toe wedge espadrilles!!!

They are perfect with a sun dress (of any length, midi, maxi, etc) and they are great for walking in. I love that they tie up around the ankle and the natural color. To me, these espadrilles say comfortable but feminine. Stylish and sweet. They also look really cute with shorts btw.

Another item I am thoroughly enjoying this summer is these large pearl hoop earrings. I am so glad statement earrings are coming back in style! I tend to go for delicate jewelry but the right pieces always call my name! I have my eye on a few over sized floral earrings next. What do you think, do you enjoy statement earrings?

A little personal update before I go, Ben and I posted our second vlog (part two). I hope you are enjoying the “raw and real” aspect of our vlogs, hehe. If you missed it, don’t worry, you can watch it here.

And also, I started running this week! A little background story, I have tried running MANY times before and it’s never stuck but I have been walking for over two years now on an almost daily basis. Now, what’s so exciting and different about this time is that a few things have clicked for me. Let’s just say, I am starting really slow. I have always wanted to run and this week I have made the best progress than EVER before. So, stay posted. I am super excited about my jogging journey, hehe.

Hope this blog found you well and that you have the loveliest week, xoxo.

P.S. I have attached a couple different wedge espadrilles below. There are different colors as well as different price points. I wanted to point out that the ones from Nordstrom have more lace-up which means you can tie them up around your leg a few times (they also cost more). The ones from Le Chateau are just as cute but with less to lace-up and are the ones I am featuring.

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