Style With Me ~ Sateen Tulip

Farm vintage meets city girl. 

Styled in a sateen cami dress, block heel and satchel this city girl compliments the antiquities of this beautiful farm. A urban raised lady in this vintage setting describes the woman before you completely. A city girl embracing the charm of a farm! With a sure confidence and grace this lady welcomed her feminine side. In a light blush pink, the dress enhanced our model’s complexion and fit her form perfectly. The bows on the shoes and handbag were the right touch against the tulip dress.

Post Style Chat: 

LADYSTYLES: What was your initial reaction when you first saw the Sateen Tulip Cami Dress ON?

DH: When I first saw the Tulip Cami Dress on I honestly was shocked. I usually wouldn’t put on a feminine color like this and thought in my mind that it wouldn’t suit me. Yet, once I had it on I was proven wrong.

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the Sateen Tulip Cami Dress?

DH: My favorite thing about this dress is the way it feels on and it has a pretty flow on the bottom of the dress. It made me feel girly and confident while I was wearing it. I guess you could say I felt pretty, hehe.

LADYSTYLES: How do you feel it benefits you to be styled professionally?

DH: I think and now know that there are so many benefits to being styled professionally. It gets you out of your comfort zone in ways you wouldn’t normally allow yourself to. There was a feeling of adventure in trying new styles and allowing an outside perspective to help you do so. Another huge benefit I enjoyed was that it made me learn about fit and sizes. By this I mean what fit of clothes really suit me and that wearing the right sizes is so crucial to any outfit! Another view can help you find that size!

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the Galeania Block Heels by Call It Spring?

DH: I absolutely fell in love with this shoe! I love the neutral color that was a soft touch to the outfit but yet the tie around the ankle was also my favorite part of this shoe. I fell in love with this shoe because the tie added such a subtle feminine detail that made the shoe unique and stand out, not too boldly just subtly.

LADYSTYLES: How did it make you feel wearing this outfit?

DH: I felt confident and beautiful. The feminine color made me feel delicate in a way! Even though it was a soft neutral color, it was a bold dress with the little details it had.

LADYSTYLES: How do you feel about the quality, fit and style of this dress?

DH: I loved the style and quality that made me feel covered and modest. It felt snug in the right places yet the flow of the bottom of the dress really added a girly touch! The style was simple but bold. It was the perfect length and fit.

LADYSTYLES: Were you comfortable?

DH: I felt so comfortable in the dress. It was so easy to move around in and was a material that wasn’t too warm or uncomfortable to be in either. I felt comfortable walking around in it, even with the wind, hehe. Sitting in it was comfortable too.

LADYSTYLES: Would you recommend this style experience to others?

DH: I would highly recommend this style experience to others. It gives you such an amazing boost of empowerment and confidence not just in trying on and wearing the clothes but also in front of the camera. It lets you discover so many small things about yourself and see yourself in a positive light. I felt so beautiful, loved and fell in love with my body more so than ever. The experience allowed me to hear another opinion and positivity which really made an impact on me. It made a real change in myself.

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Model is wearing small in Sateen Tulip Dress and size 7.5 in Block Heels.

Thanks for joining us in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie and Drew.

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