Style With Me ~ Running Girl Part 2


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LADYSTYLES: What do you look for in active wear?

AW: I look for clothing that is stretchy, comfortable, and stylish.

LADYSTYLES: What are your favorite items to wear when you are running?

AW: Joe Fresh active wear is my go-to! I can honestly say they are the only active bottoms I will wear, as they actually stay secure while I’m running. I have tried other brands and I’m constantly having to pull them up as I run and no one wants that annoyance. For tops I prefer loose fitting tank tops. I find them more breathable and comfortable.

LADYSTYLES: What is some running gear that you can’t live without?

AW: I absolutely cannot live without my running band. It holds two small water bottles and my phone for music. I also cannot live without my “over the ear: headphones. They don’t fall out of my ears when I’m running.

LADYSTYLES: Do you have any recommendations for a new runner?

AW: Start slow. Start by running 2 minutes, walking for 1 minute. Repeat until you eventually work up to being able to run the whole time. Also, make sure you have good support runners as they make the world of difference and can prevent you from getting shin splints.

LADYSTYLES: Do you listen to music while you are running? What is on your playlist right now?

AW: Yes! I have to. I love upbeat, fun music as it gives me energy and pushes me to go faster and harder. My guilty pleasure is Brittany Spears as her music is always so upbeat. Right now I am listening to a mix of Selena Gomez.

LADYSTYLES: How do you switch it up to keep it interesting when you run?

AW: I like to switch the routes that I run because it changes up the scenery and makes the run more entertaining. I also love running with my fiancé as runs go by so quickly when you have a partner!


Dip Dye Mesh Active Tank | Mesh Accent Active Short

Thanks for joining us in fashion and fitness fun, XO, Emmarie and Alanna! 

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