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It happened a little “impromptu” but featuring my husband on the blog has been the plan since Day 1. Benjamin has always been a great dresser and manages just fine for himself but having the privilege of dressing him was SO much fun ~ to say the least! To be honest, I wasn’t sure if he would agree to the items that I chose but he was such a trooper! I’ve got to say the way my husband supports my passions and dreams is truly incredible.

Since we are still in the heat of the summer, Ben wanted a outfit that would keep him cool. It was nice for him to narrow it down for me because I wouldn’t even know where to BEGIN with the styles that I would love to see on him! There are so many! When he mentioned a summer look I could envision what I wanted right away. Honestly, the hardest part was finding the items in the store for the prices we wanted.

Trouser Short. I can’t even recall how long I have wanted to see Ben in a trouser short. I absolutely love this style on men because it’s so versatile and looks so dignified in the summer. It is perfect to pair with a v neck (black would look so great with these specific shorts) or dress up with a button shirt. 

Bomber Jacket. I admit I wasn’t exactly looking for a bomber style but this one caught my eye because it was burgundy and that is one of Ben’s favorite colors. It is also a very complimentary color on him. Doesn’t he have amazing skin by the way, what I would do for that olive skin! 

Classic V-Neck Tee. I wanted burgundy to be the color of focus so keeping the rest of his outfit neutral was my aim. I love white, black and grey t-shirts on Ben. They are an essential in his wardrobe.

I brought your attention to prices earlier because while Benjamin’s favorite store to shop in is The Bay he never strays off the sale rack (unless the price is good to begin with). One of the reasons we love Hudson’s Bay so much is because if you spend the time looking you CAN find the right piece for the right price! And you will walk out with designer items that have a fit like none other. You will be happy to see that Ben’s featured outfit is very reasonably priced!

Thanks for joining us in fashion fun, XO, Benjamin and Emmarie. 

Ben is wearing size 34 in shorts, large in v-neck and large in bomber jacket for reference.


Lightweight Bomber Jacket in Red | Trouser Short in Silver | V-Neck Tee in White

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