Style With Me ~ Girlfriend Jean

Hints of pink, a white bodysuit and relaxed jean suit this lady to the T!

First it was the boyfriend jean, now it’s all about the girlfriend jean! Our model strutted in absolute comfort and style enjoying the distressed and relaxed fit of this amazing jean. Have you ever worn a bodysuit? This wrap cami bodysuit eliminates the hassle of tucking. Wear it with jeans or skirts, it’s a “must have” in our opinion. This look is so easy to duplicate and a great option for every day attire. Read all about our love for this look below.

Post Style Chat:

LADYSTYLES: What was your initial reaction when you tried on the palm springs blue girlfriend jean by Garage?

DH: I loved the distressed look right away! My initial reaction was even though they have a distressed look, they look slightly classic in the “street style” fashion sense.

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the style of a girlfriend jean?

DH: My favorite was the way the rips were placed in just the right spots to suit anyone’s body and shape. It helped with the look of the fit of the jean.

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the wrap cami body suit in white?

DH: With the body suit, my favorite thing was definitely the brightness of the white and the way it felt on. It was a lower neckline with a little riskiness but not too much!

LADYSTYLES: How did it make you feel wearing this outfit?

DH: In this outfit I felt really bold because of the neckline, fit and color. I felt confident because it made me realize I could pull off wearing this style. And it began to feel natural to me and something I could wear more of in the future. I felt a sense of adventure in the risk of going out of my usual comfort zone. It was a huge boost of confidence! And hey the couple whistles we got from passersby weren’t all that bad in the boost of confidence, haha.

LADYSTYLES: How do you feel about the quality, fit and style of this outfit? Were you comfortable?

DH: This outfit was an awesome fit. It was super soft to the touch and the material had some stretch to it that made it easy to wear. It was a simple bodysuit but with the neckline and wrap it had just enough detail to become a good staple piece in any wardrobe. At first I was a little uncomfortable in this bodysuit but only because it’s not something I normally wear. As I had it on it became super comfortable. It was easy to wear and move in.

LADYSTYLES: Do you think a stylish shoe (like the Thorerien Block Heel) is an important factor in an outfit?

DH: I think a shoe like the block heel I wore is a vital part of an outfit. It finished the look and brought the outfit together. I believe if you have the wrong style or color of shoe it could throw the look off completely. The shoe helps complete the look and can be a statement or small detail.

Shop Drew’s Look Here:

Model is wearing medium in body suit, size 3 in girlfriend jeans, and 7.5 in Thorerien block heel.

Thanks for joining us in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie and Drew.

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