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Life is what you make it and this lady is DAZZLING her way through!

The brown eyed woman before you has as much heart as she does beauty! Spending the day with someone whose personality literally oozes out of her was as encouraging as it was joyful. Matching inner beauty with outer beauty through style is something to truly celebrate and the honor of styling such a lady was not lost on me.

Shopping for this gal was easy! Working as a Auto Body Technician she doesn’t have many opportunities to dress up so we decided to take full advantage of this one. The dazzling A-line dress worn caught our eye immediately. The color drew us both in and the classic lines and true fit made our decision to purchase an easy one. Staying in tune with her every day style (described as edgy chic) we opted for a little faux leather jacket and stilettos. The leather and edgy heels balanced the feminine dress in a way that truly portrays this lady’s personal style and preferences in fashion. The pop of red hair against the emerald green was a beautiful contrast as well as the gorgeous red lip!

Post Style Chat:

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the outfit worn in this style session?
CK: Has to be the dress, like nothing else I’ve worn or owned.
LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the sleeveless A-line dress?
CK: The fit and the colour. Love the deep colour!
LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the Asoniel High Heel in Medium
CK: They fit! Haha, I hate shoe shopping because nothing seems to fit right. But these do! They fit great and the natural colour is a nice addition to my closet.
LADYSTYLES: Did you enjoy the experience of modeling a stiletto?
CK: Yes! They are great to walk in and comfortable for their height.
LADYSTYLES: How did it make you feel wearing this outfit?
CK: Being a woman is an odd way to describe it. But it really made me feel female, a confident, “in control” woman!
LADYSTYLES: How do you feel about the quality, fit and style of this outfit?
CK: The fit is great and the style is exactly what I like in a dress. The feel of the dress itself was soft and the zipper in the back is strong. I feel like it’s of good quality.
LADYSTYLES: How did you feel being pushed out of your fashion comfort zone? Was LADYSTYLES able to respect and maintain your “personal style” while encouraging you to try new things?
CK: I need to be pushed. Especially when it comes to clothing. I would wear jeans all the time if it wasn’t for the influence of the women in my life, and Lady Styles made it easy to find outfits that suited me well. My clothing makes a statement about me. For many people who usually don’t see me dressed up, it’s a statement that I am a female who lives and works in a male world. But I am still a woman at the end of the day and it’s a great feeling being pushed out of your comfort zone and feeling the reward of what’s on the other side!
LADYSTYLES: Are you happy with your purchases?
 CK: Yes, I am happy with my purchases. Due to my lifestyle I won’t be able to wear them as often as I would like but every chance I get I’ll feel amazing!

Shop Charity’s Look Here:

Hair: by Emmarie Karcha | Model is wearing Medium in A-line Dress (dress worn is unfortunately sold out) and 10 in Asoniel High Heel.

Thanks for joining us in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie and Charity

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Stay tuned for more outfits from LADYSTYLES!

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