Style With Me ~ A Step into Spring

Spring is HERE in the form of a little sundress and lightweight denim!

New spring clothing? Yes, please! Especially if it’s this adorable combo modeled so beautifully by a gorgeous leggy redhead! Dress it up with stilettos or down with strappy flats, it will be your favorite go-to outfit. While running errands or out for lunch with your girlfriends, this little duo will take you far! Dresses are the best part of being a woman, don’t you think? Instant style in one article of clothing!

When in doubt, wear a dress, that’s my motto πŸ˜‰

Post Style Chat:

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the outfit worn in this style session?

CK: It has to be the jacket. I would have never thought to putΒ this jacket with a dress and I look forward to wearing it more often!

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the fit and flare dress with buttons?

CK: The dress was exactly what I would want in a fit, tight up top and then flaring out. It’s comfortable but shows more of my curves then I normally do. And the buttons give it personality! I won’t need to wear jewelry cause the outfit says it all (though I still can if I want).

LADYSTYLES: What is your favorite thing about the lightweight denim parka?

CK: The jacket isn’tΒ an itemΒ I would normally pick because I can never tell between too baggy and just right. But when I put it on, it feels perfect. I like just throwing something on and still looking good.

LADYSTYLES: How do you feel it benefits you to be styled professionally?

CK: Because of my job I don’t require to look nice, so when I do dress up it’s purely for myself. So while it doesn’t benefit my position professionally it does personally, which counts for so much!

LADYSTYLES: How did it make you feel wearing this outfit?

CK: Very comfortable! Even though I wasn’t used to heels or a dress I didn’t feel out of place. It felt natural and brought confidence.

LADYSTYLES: Would you recommend this style experience to others?

CK: Definitely! I would highly recommend it. It was a great experience, very grateful!

Shop Charity’s EXACT DRESS here: Fit and Flare Dress with Buttons

Shop Charity’s Look Here:

Hair: by Emmarie Karcha | Model is wearing Medium in Fit and Flare Dress with Buttons, XS in Lightweight Denim Parka and size 10 in Asoniel High Heel.

Thanks for joining us in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie and Charity

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Stay tuned for more outfits from LADYSTYLES!

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