Shop your DREAM Closet with an App & a Free Personal Stylist!

Do you struggle to put together a stylish outfit?

Maybe you don’t have the eye for fashion but want to look your absolute best? OR maybe you are the next Blair Waldorf but simply don’t have the time to scout out the best items in store/online? What if I told you, you can shop your dream closet with an APP called! Not only that but you gain access to FREE personal stylists as well.

Just imagine being able to shop the most stylish women’s closets with a simple click of a button or tap on a screen? Take it one step further from asking “where did you get that” to direct access to the exact item.

THIS is what offers you!

Simply download the app on your phone and follow your favorite influencers. These women are PASSIONATE about what they do and work hard to provide you with inspiration for the wardrobe of your dreams.

Did you know that influencers make a commission off of items that you purchase through their links? By shopping through these women you not only support them but you enable them to keep doing what they love. Everybody wins!!! is the ONLY way I shop and I love to spread the love around by supporting these women online. Talk about women empowering women!!!

How do you shop your dream closet on the APP?

Like I said I always shop on the app! I will never purchase something online if I don’t know for sure that I have supported a fellow blogger. I am often inspired by the bloggers I follow but since I am a fashion blogger myself, I especially thrive on sharing unique pieces that I personally find. And am loving at the moment! The great thing is I can still shop on my own and support these gals. Just keep reading to learn how.

If you enjoy shopping the pieces bloggers have picked out, click on the item they have shared on the app. If you decide to make a purchase, they will receive a commission. Also, you do not have to purchase the exact item they shared. If you clicked on their commission-able link with a direct link to the site, anything you buy from that site, they will benefit.

Let me explain further. If you want to browse pieces on your own (for example let’s say H&M), simply find an item that they purchased from the store. Click the link and it will direct you to the store of your choice. If you find item(s) you want to purchase, complete the sale and the blogger WILL STILL get the commission from items you personally picked out. *Yes, this is more work, but it is only ONE more step than typing the store in your browser.

I don’t know about you but I always want to support someone personally if I can rather than only supporting the store. The extra step is more than worth it to me!

Another option is personally messaging the blogger and asking for them to provide you with their personal link for the store you want to shop at. I promise you, this will mean the world to them and they will do their best to get you the link asap. I know I sure would! And remember that all bloggers HAVE blogs and you can always shop on their blog as well.
My profile on the App

As bloggers, we work really hard to share quality content and something that is of value to you. The life of a blogger appears 100% glamorous but these gals are secretly busting their butts to inspire. There is so much work that is put into blogging behind the scenes. In fact, some of these women still work full time and do this as a side business (meeeee ♥) with dreams to blog full time. Did you know that your dedicated support could make all the difference from taking them from a part time blogger to full time?

Guys, the end game is always this.

Most importantly, I want to inspire YOU (yes, you) to embrace your personal style. And take the time to look & feel your best! Because you deserve it and you are worth it!

P.S. Shop the post by following me on the app here. And make sure you follow my top 3 favorite bloggers: cmcoving, miamiamine & themrsgibby. You’ll be obsessed! xoxo

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