Self CARE at home during this crazy time!

If I am being super honest, it’s a daily choice for me to wake up and choose self care and a calm state of mind these days! No one is immune to the feelings of fear and trepidation that are happening in the world right now and in no way do I want to be insensitive but I really wanted to share some things with you that are helping me get through! I know I personally just have to stay positive so…

Any self care that can help you relax, distract and ease any kind of worry – even if for just a moment – is important! I am also including information about the corona virus and what I am doing to keep my immune system in top shape! so keep reading!


I can’t be the only girl who is embracing this time to be makeup free and let my skin breathe! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting up in the morning, washing my face and pampering my skin with Be Gentle! After my skin care regime, I go bare face for the remainder of the day and it’s been sooo freeing! For more on the skin care I am presently using, head over to my review! *I also want to note that the eye smooth cream is INCREDIBLE! If you are over 30 and currently looking for an eye cream, I would highly recommend!!!


I won’t lie, my anxiety has been showing in more ways than one starting with my hands. I have been washing so often and been scrubbing them so hard that my hands are in pretty rough shape. The skin is flaking off and I have been reacting to most soap. I have some gloves filled with hand lotion (it’s like a treatment for your hands) coming my way so I am just waiting for them to do their magic! I love that I can let my hands soak for as long as I want (even over night) and start the process of healing my skin. Or at least keeping it in the best shape possible while I do my best to protect myself and others with hand washing.


This is important on a regular day but even more so now! It is vital in these days that you start your day off right with prayer, meditation and a heart of gratitude despite it all. It’s a heavy burden we are all bearing but getting your head and heart right is necessary to get through this!



I am terrible at taking my vitamins and right now is not the time to be struggling in this area, lol, so I connected with my health and fitness coach and I ordered a month’s supply of super food shakes that will help boost my immune system AND replace my vitamins. One shake a day and it kills two birds with one stone, getting in my daily vitamins and I don’t have to figure out what to eat for lunch, hehe. *You can connect with my personal coach here and she can hook you up if you are interested!

On that note, a few things I have read about the corona virus that have stuck with me is tylenol is really good to have on hand (advil is not recommended) and VITAMIN C! My husband and I have been stocking up on tea as well (the spicier the better) and gatorade as electrolytes are really beneficial as well.

Hope this blog has helped some, I am using this time to self care in any way I possibly can whether that be mental, physical, emotional, etc. I hope you are too, xoxo.

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  1. Thank you for your wise words, indeed self care and staying calm in those days is so important, thank you for those tips to help us with this state of mind.

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