Resort Style with Benjamin

resort style

There’s no one else in this world that puts a smile on my face like my Benjamin ♥ We had such a wonderful holiday away, enjoying as much pool and sunshine as we could including 7 days at Disney and a day at Universal Studios. Here’s a little peek into the restort wear we enjoyed around the hotel. Living in Saskatchewan doesn’t allow many opportunities for beach/resort style style so I made sure to enjoy it to the maximum.

Benjamin and I have always known we enjoy heat but we were curious if visiting Florida at the hottest time of year would be too much for us. We were told it was very intense! Honestly, we loved EVERY moment! Usually at the hottest point of the day, we would escape in the air conditioning (or take a dip in the pool) but I felt better within minutes. I can now safely say, I’m a heat loving kind of gal! I am always cold but not in Florida. It was the most wonderful escape! Like Ben says, it’s a lot easier to cool off than warm up (in our experience).

So, I have already had a few comments on Ben’s outfit since I posted a picture of us on Instagram a few days back. There’s a story behind it! We bought it a couple years ago when LaVien Rose still had a men’s section. I saw it and I MADE Ben buy it. He did not want to at all because when would he ever wear it? Which to be fair, he was right. But, in that moment, I was already dreaming of the day we would be at a resort or beach and I stubbornly (I’m pretty stubborn sometimes, haha) made him buy it for THAT day that I knew would come. So, these items sat in his closet with the tags for two years. Seriously. But oh was I pumped when we put this outfit to use. And he won’t lie, he loved wearing it. Most comfortable men’s outfit ever 😉 AND, I found a very similar set linked below so you can buy it for your man ♥


Vero Moda Beach Dress wearing XS // Braided Sandal in Rose Gold // Round Earrings (stud version), my pair is available in store H&M //Linen-Blend Shirt in Light Beige similar // Ben’s Tanktop // Trousers in Light Beige similar

XO, Benjamin and Emmarie.

resort style resort style

resort style resort style

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