Style With Me ~ Running Girl

The inspiring woman before you is a dedicated mother as well as a driven runner. Not only has she partaken in Death Race Canada 2016 (and killed it in Leg 1 in exactly 2 hours) but has also been a Beach Body coach for 2 years. Take a few minutes to read the interview below as she opens up about her true love for Fitness! 

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Style With Me ~ Summer Casual

These cuties are as sweet as they are adorable! 

An afternoon at the beach called for exploration in casual toddler style. Following these two around as they discovered and appreciated the simple things in life reminded me to truly enjoy the moment! 

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Meet Emmarie


Hey you guys! My name is Emmarie and I live in small town Saskatchewan (Canada) with my husband of 9 years. You will quickly learn that I absolutely adore my hubby, being married and the life that we are building together ♥

Truthfully, I started out using blogging as a tool to help me overcome some pretty big insecurities in my life. Building self esteem has been hands down, the HARDEST challenge of my life! But, as my blog and I have both grown, I have been able to turn this passion of mine into more than just a hobby/personal development tool. In 2018, I was accepted into Reward Style (you can follow me here) which enabled me to monetize my blog and my fashion obsession! Talk about a dream coming true!

With that said! My biggest desire is to build a community of women that can empower one another to live their best life. FREE of insecurity and all the pain that is derived from it! I spent years not really “living” and I want to help others not fall into that trap! Most of all, I just want to see all of you succeed! And for my blog to be a place that you can come, be inspired, encouraged and supported in all that you do!

xoxo, Emmarie.

Here’s a deeper peek into my story, if you want to know a little more!

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