Ruffle Tee & White Denim

Here’s to the cutest ruffle tee you ever did see! I bought this t-shirt in white & navy and I am loving how cute it looks with everything! The frill on the shoulder adds a feminine touch to any outfit, it dresses up jeans and adds extra “girly detail” when tucked into skirts.

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Sacha Jogger Pant

When you finally find the perfect joggers, it’s an exciting day! For some reason this was one item that was hard for me to find (in the right fit) but I honestly love these Sacha Jogger Pants from Dynamite. They have a comfortable elastic waistband, pant cuffs, gold detailing and are a dressy fabric!

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Mesh Active Legging

The day is finally here and I can hardly believe it. This time tomorrow we will be IN Viva Las Vegas” and I can tell you one thing…I can’t wait to SHOP! No lie, I have a detailed list of specific items I am on the search for and Vegas has the best shopping! In the meantime, for a comfortable travel, I have chosen my favorite mesh legging, a tunic top and my “go to” oversized denim. I have traveled in this jacket before and it is fantastic for travel. See for yourself at Canadian Tuxedo. With my Adidas kicks, I am in for ultimate comfort.

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