Style With Me ~ Running Girl

The inspiring woman before you is a dedicated mother as well as a driven runner. Not only has she partaken in Death Race Canada 2016 (and killed it in Leg 1 in exactly 2 hours) but has also been a Beach Body coach for 2 years. Take a few minutes to read the interview below as she opens up about her true love for Fitness!  Continue reading “Style With Me ~ Running Girl”

My “Why”

A very wise person in my life recently wrote a post challenging me to think about my “why”. What is your “why”? This can apply to literally everything in our lives and can be the driving force behind everything that we do.

I realize that while I know my why for this blog you may not…

Anyone who has been following me for awhile has heard pieces of my story. If you haven’t and are curious you can read it here: My Story ~ Raw and Real.


My why is YOU! My heart goes out to any woman that is suffering and doesn’t even know “how” to begin the journey towards self love. It’s so hard but wherever you may be in this journey know that I am here for you! Every woman is unique and no story the same but we are definitely all in this together! We need each other. One thing I always knew, even in the midst of my pain was that I didn’t want anyone to ever feel the sorrow that I felt. This is why I am not hiding what I have been through. If I can help even one person, my vulnerability is worth it! Continue reading “My “Why””