stay at the marriott

I’ll be the first to admit that there aren’t as many photos of our stay at the Marriott (which was my favorite hotel of the two) because I was enjoying myself sooo much! But, one of the joys of every trip is I that I am always learning about this world of blogging. Note to self: take more pictures of our hotels next trip ♥

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Resort Style with Benjamin

resort style

There’s no one else in this world that puts a smile on my face like my Benjamin ♥ We had such a wonderful holiday away, enjoying as much pool and sunshine as we could including 7 days at Disney and a day at Universal Studios. Here’s a little peek into the restort wear we enjoyed around the hotel.

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What to EXPERIENCE in Disney World!

what to experience in Disney World

Consider this your official guide: what to experience in Disney World. My husband and I just returned from a two week holiday in Orlando, Florida. 7 of those days were spent in Disney World. We divided our days among the four parks and I truly cannot wait to share the high points with you!

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