My 30th Birthday!

30th Birthday

What a weekend! All I wanted for my 30th Birthday (still can’t believe I am leaving my twenties) was to be surrounded by my favorite people! I was definitely missing a few but my mom and my little sister came all the way from Alberta to celebrate with me! Best Birthday gift ever!

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Sherpa Jacket in the CITY

sherpa jacket

It’s such a nice break to sneak away to the city for a day! Ben had an appointment so we decided to make a day of it with shopping, lattes, a movie and a nice meal out. AND I got to wear my new sherpa jacket!

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stay at the marriott

I’ll be the first to admit that there aren’t as many photos of our stay at the Marriott (which was my favorite hotel of the two) because I was enjoying myself sooo much! But, one of the joys of every trip is I that I am always learning about this world of blogging. Note to self: take more pictures of our hotels next trip ♥

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