Our Day in BANFF

Recapping our trip(s) and sharing the highlights is hands down my favorite kind of blog to write. Some days I even wish I could be a full time travel blogger but then reality sets in, lol and I know how much I would miss a home base.

We unfortunately only had one day in Banff but Ben and I made the absolute most of it! Starting with a early morning leaving our cabin disaster (more coming on that one, hehe) we drove the 40 minutes to Banff through the mountains, stopping along the way to take in the sights and snap pictures. I didn’t realize but there is nothing quite like ‘morning time’ in the mountains. Serene is the only word I can think to describe it.


The gardens were described as a 15 minute walk from downtown Banff but I would say more like 5. They are easy to find as signs will direct you and once you see them, you can’t miss it! I am not sure Ben’s level of enjoyment but I know I could have re-wandered the gardens. I may not have a green thumb but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a deep appreciation for such a beautiful space and can’t imagine the hard work that goes into it. It made me think of my grandma who always loved her garden ♥


When my sister in law heard that we were going to Banff, knowing my sweet tooth she immediately recommended that I stop for a Beavertail. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of them either, haha. Basically it’s a fried dough pastry that resembles a beaver tail and you can make it sweet or savory.

Ben and I chose to share and he picked the Bananarama (nutella, bananas and icing sugar). Oh. My. Gosh. Because it was just a snack I am glad we shared but what I especially loved about it is the dough isn’t very thick (so it’s a lighter feeling than you would think) but yet every single bite is filled with goodness and literally as delicious as the first one. So far our track record has been Banff every 10 years but I am hoping I taste another Beavertail much sooner than that!


This one we discovered by total accident and by golly am I glad we did. We had a couple hours before supper and decided we would just keep touring and see what we found. At random, we ended up discovering a pedestrian bridge that led us right to the nature trails that eventually led us to the rapids where I assume white water rafting is available (but don’t quote me on it). The view as we walked along just got more magnificent and you can see from the pictures, the grandeur.


And since I am only sharing the IG worthy shots, please know the reality was much, much different 😉 I am 22 weeks and while I was not facing third trimester challenges yet, it was still a bit of a struggle. Ben managed to capture some more flattering shots (not an easy feat. right now) but the truth of it is I already have a little waddle and I am round and very swollen. I wore those biker shorts for comfort which was the best choice but it wasn’t exactly pretty, haha! Angles are everything I tell you and 98% of the shots that I did not share depict my true state.

Just a fyi and loving reminder that as fun as it is to make/do things as esthetically pleasing as possible the reality is a whole ‘nother deal!

Not to mention, we walked a lot of stairs and some pretty steep inclines. Ben was the best, letting me determine the pace which helped me not over do it. We had many loving laughs at the situation because I could only go so many stairs at a time before needing a minute to breathe (pregnant = breathless) and I was red as a tomato. Not going to lie though, I really enjoyed the extra attention from Benjamin, just don’t tell him that, haha!

Well, there you have it. A glimpse into our day in Banff and some of the highlights. My phone died part way through so I wasn’t able to capture our gondola experience which was definitely another highlight but we did vlog about it so that’s something to watch for in the near future, xoxo, Emm.

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