Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Anyone who has seen a photo of Niagara Falls knows that it’s a sight to come see. The power and beauty of the Falls is as spectacular as you can imagine! Ben and I couldn’t stop snapping pictures because there was always another magnificent angle as we walked along. When we reached the top of Niagara Falls (on Canada’s side) you can see the river flowing into the waterfall. I couldn’t help feeling scared knowing that a person could jump into their death. The grandeur of it definitely puts a person in their place.

To see the power of Niagara Falls in person really is something you can’t describe and as a believer it was a blessing to see the majesty of God’s creation!

Ben and I immensely enjoyed the walk along the Falls. You can walk from one end to the other on beautiful pathways. We would encourage you to keep walking along it once you’ve reached the Falls. Only because everyone tends to crowd right at the beginning and disperse as you keep moving. I’ll warn you, expect for a lot of people! When we arrived Saturday afternoon it was PACKED. This of course is to be expected in such a popular tourist spot. If you are wanting a quieter experience we would recommend getting up earlier in the morning (like we did on Sunday morning). The peace and quiet combined with the beauty of Niagara was amazing! Even though we were pretty wiped we were glad we were able to see it in a quieter state.

A couple things I really enjoyed. The MIST. I thought it was sooo neat! It feels like a very soft rain as you get closer. Take a look at the first couple pictures I shared and you will notice the intensity of the mist. Flower Gardens. They are everywhere in Niagara Falls, including Botancial Gardens which we didn’t even get to go see. The little park we came across was spectacular (as you can see in the pictures below)!

Ben and I only spent one night in Niagara and we were very pleased with our choice. We ended up booking last minute at the Skyline Hotel & Waterpark so it wasn’t exactly cheap. But it was worth the money to stay right there! It’s an easy walk from the Falls and Clifton Hill Street of Fun. *Now, I don’t want to sound too negative here but Ben and I weren’t very impressed with the attractions on Clifton. We haven’t traveled a lot but when you compare the attractions in Niagara to the attractions in Disneyland or Vegas they are pretty cheesy. And didn’t hold a lot of appeal for us. But that is just our personal opinion and it was fun to check the street out even though nothing really called out to us. I bet kids would have a lot of fun though! And we did check out the IMAX and that was neat even though the viewing of Niagara was very dated.

In summary, we LOVED the Falls but wouldn’t return for any other attractions. We do think the idea of a family reunion type trip to Niagara could be a lot of fun but wouldn’t need more than a couple days. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to check off our bucket list and take some pretty amazing pictures that will forever be in our memory.

Thanks for joining me in fashion and travel fun, XO, Emmarie. 


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Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

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