Hey everyone, coming at ya with an exciting blog in the NEW YEAR, a review! Still can hardly believe it’s 2020 by the way, anyone else?

I let ya’ll know that I was going to be trying new skin care a few months back on Instagram. And that I would be sharing my results. It took me a little longer than I was anticipating (so sorry) BUT on the positive side, I thought it very fitting for this time of year. You know, new year, new skin, hehe!

SOOO, I want to lay it all out here! My number 1 intention with my blog is always, honesty and trust. First up, I want you to know that overall I have pretty good skin, even with it being a little sensitive. I haven’t struggled much with acne in my life besides the odd pimple around that time of month.

With that said, although I am sharing a before and after (there’s one month in between the two pictures), there isn’t a drastic change. If you look close all you can really see is that my little pimple cleared up and I think I am a touch less red. But, I think it’s important to share that my skin feels different – in the best way!

Before + After

Brief back story. I have been using Monat (on my hair) for a couple years and they recently released a skin care line. Since I have had such great results with my hair, I wanted to see if the skin care would deliver the same way!

I ended up ordering Be Gentle: for dry and sensitive skin and was not disappointed. My skin has felt so great the past couple months! I use the cleanser in the shower. Next, the skin revitalizing essence (it’s like a toner) once I have removed all of my makeup. Last but not least I apply the nourishing moisturizer and let me tell you, my skin soaks it up. So, while it may not exactly be a drastic new year, new skin kind of situation (I couldn’t resist the fun title, haha), I would 100% recommend this skincare!

You never know maybe new year, new skin is in store for you!

Be Gentle didn’t irritate my skin at all and one thing I did notice is that I have not had one pimple since using it. Again, it’s not a regular thing for me (acne) but I am not entirely sure it’s coincidence either -that my skin has been so clear.

Before I go, I wanted to mention a few of my plans for 2020 on the blog. I have tried to keep my work life separate from my blog in the past but this year that is going to change. If you don’t already know I am a hairstylist by day. I rent a chair at a local shop in town. I don’t exactly know why I have kept it so separate, since it ties into my brand so well, beauty, lifestyle, etc. But, I can tell you that I am excited to bring hair content your way this year (it’s in the plans) and share that part of my life with you! I hope you will stay tuned to see what is in store, xoxo.


P.S. If you are curious about Monat, check out this blog post next (my favorite hair products).

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