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Have you ever just wanted to start over with your wardrobe? I don’t know if it’s just becoming a mom…or the time of year (just the pure ‘anticipation’ of the change of seasons brings a wardrobe overhaul). I thought it would be fun to share my choices, the things I would choose today if I could start fresh. You guys will have to tell me what you would add to your wardrobe if you could start new!?


Pregnancy taught me one invaluable lesson. That I would rather have fewer pieces of clothing that I love and most importantly make me feel good rather than a closet bursting of items that I feel meh about. I have always been a less is more kind of girl but being pregnant forced me to circulate between the same items and I actually loved how much it simplified things.

All of that to say, I would rather have a couple pairs of jeans that I love and are current than 10 pairs that I kind of hate. PLUS, it makes it so much easier to get dressed in the morning! I haven’t been jean shopping since January (postpartum body hasn’t been helping, lol) and I still have yet to find THE pair. I am holding out until I find precisely what I want, I will not settle, haha. I gathered 4 below in styles that I would like to have in my wardrobe right now.

I am happy to say the mom jean is still running strong and this pair looks just right with the high waist and perfect amount of distressing.

I’m sorry if I am the one breaking the news but while skinny jeans aren’t necessarily out of style they aren’t current. I knew the change was coming but now you’ll want to be on the lookout for a straight or wide leg like this one. As usual, focus on the right fit and it makes styling effortless. I can see myself pairing these jeans with a blouse and heels or a bodysuit or tee and sneakers (or my birkenstocks). I also love the pair below with distressing.

Nothing will ever compare to how comfortable high waist jeans are but I am coming around to a lower waist again and a boyfriend jean is the way to do it. Wear them rolled up (or not) and pair with a super cas’ but effortlessly cool tank top like this one.


Do not. I repeat. Do not underestimate the power of a good t-shirt. I would focus on buying a black, white and grey tee or a neutral like the one this one. I would also pick different neck lines (favorites are v-neck and crew)!


A good graphic tee is everything. Wear it tucked into your favorite denim or biker shorts for a cool girl vibe. Dress it up with a blazer over top and heels like below!


One apprehension I have always had about moto jackets is they weren’t long enough to cover my hips but now with more relaxed jeans I feel so much more comfortable to reach for the moto style. They also look fantastic over the right dress!


The right plaid is all year in my books but I tend to reach for it the most end of summer/fall. I just think this look is so cute, over sized plaid with relaxed denim and I would style it with a bodysuit underneath of course 😉


I have relied heavily on bodysuits as a mom. Everything stays in place, simple to style and they make it so easy to look good on the run. They also cinch everything in which is a extra bonus. I love the one above for the warmer months and a long sleeve for cooler. Sometimes they can be tricky to find so if you come across one you like, buy it!


I am in official mourning that it’s August but I had to include these shorts because there’s nothing that I dislike about them. They are literally the perfect length, color, fit and would be so easy to style. I mean, look at how cute with a simple white blouse.


This is the style of blouse I would go for right now (it comes in the most gorgeous blue too)! What I love about blouses is how classic they are and if you have killer dress pants, watch out!


I am on the lookout for a new pair of dress pants, in fact I am going to try these exact ones on in store because I am absolutely smitten. I love the leg, sophisticated lines and high waist that I could tuck all of my blouses into.

I know I missed a dress but I was looking and nothing was right. You know when you can picture it in your head but can’t quite find what you’re looking for? I saw a lot of summer dresses that would have made the cut but nothing fall inspired, yet. I will share on my account if I happen to come across something.

The best part about all of these pieces above is that you could mix and match almost everything. They are more casual than dressy, that has everything to do with the season of life I am in right now *motherhood, haha. I love to dress up but these next few years I will be wearing what works for chasing after Alessandra. This is such a short period in her life and I want to enjoy it. More sophisticated clothes can come at the right time, xoxo. Emm.

P.S. I also missed a chunky cardigan and shacket (I like this one) but again will share when I come across the right items.

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