My Obsession is Furrreal!

It all started with a faux fur vest that I purchased 3 winters ago and has only escalated from there! Not only do I still love that vest, I have been adding to my collection with a fur stole and now, this jacket! I was going to wait to feature it on the blog as I thought it might be a little soon in the season. But with that same thought, quickly came another…I would feel awful if it sold out!

If you guys happen to love this coat as much as I do, you are definitely going to need it and I don’t want any dreams dashed on my account because of unavailable sizes! I bought XS for reference and am very happy with the fit. It is not a snug fit so keep that in mind when ordering. I personally like a little extra room so I can layer if I desire, especially in the dead of winter. Size 1 in Jegging. XS in belt.


“The most beautiful things in nature aren’t concerned with whether something else is blooming better than they, they just bloom the best they can. Why not do the same?”

The biggest ache in my heart is realizing I can’t save someone else from suffering the way that I did! I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. I beg you to not compare yourself with others and love yourself exactly as you are. Keep in mind that only you can be YOU! So sparkle like the diamond that you are and only compete with yourself. Bettering yourself will enrich you, comparing yourself to others will kill you inside! 

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie.


Faux Fur Coat with Hood | Ripped Knees Black JeggingAnkle Boot (similar, NOT exact) | Beret

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