My Little Sister Got Married!

My little sister just got married and I was so blessed to share in her day as the matron of honor! She even allowed me to feature the bridesmaid dress on the blog which absolutely thrilled me! In my opinion it completely rips me off that there are only a handful of occasions that a woman can wear a formal gown in her LIFETIME! This should not be! There are endless styles that I want to try and I know that most women feel the same way. It makes it extremely hard to choose a gown for such an important event in your life (like your grad, wedding, etc) when in the back of your mind you think this is “it”! How can a girl possibly choose when there are so many we want to enjoy!

When my sister chose this amazing gown, I kind of felt like I had won the lottery and knew I was going to enjoy every second in such a gorgeous dress! The color is my favorite and I love that it is all lace. The lace overlay to the floor is mesmerizing and the V neck line in the front and back is classic.

This dress was purchased from Le Chateau. All of my sisters and I found our bridesmaid dresses for our weddings there and I couldn’t say enough good things! They offer sizes from XXS to XXL and the prices blow me away! This dress was only $198! If you were to purchase a dress like this from a wedding shop, you could be paying double to triple the price. Le Chateau is my go to and you can’t beat it in my opinion.

Wearing XXS for reference.

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie.


Lace V-Neck Gown | Le Chateau Dresses

My husband’s famous look when I “try” to be cute.

My older sister and I. Isn’t she a bombshell!

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