My Happy Place

Hello Beautiful! Every girl needs a mug that will greet her with this truth, don’t you think? 

Today is almost like a show and tell on the blog. I am sharing my happy place with you, an OASIS that without my dad and husband most likely would not have happened.

First, a little back story. It may not be very evident in my life but I LOVE to be outside. The only catch is, I love to be outside when it’s WARM! Living in Saskatchewan that gives me (if I am lucky) 3-4 months of the year to enjoy the outdoors. My mom has told me stories of a kicking and screaming toddler when she brought me indoors…or so I hear. My poor mother ♥

*Total Side Note: Now as an adult doesn’t it just amaze you all that your parents did for you as a child? I can’t believe all that they put up with…for me. It’s awing and humbling all at the same time.

The past two summers my dad has built me a deck and a pergola to enjoy on the hot & sunny days I can’t get enough of. With the addition of twinkle lights (you should see them at night, it’s magical) and a bistro patio set my oasis is almost complete. I am hoping for some furniture for under the pergola next year and some stone work around the base of our house. It all takes time and money right? And is a work in progress just like I view myself to be!

One of the reasons I am sharing this with you is to open up just a little bit more to my readers (you are the best and I couldn’t appreciate you more) and because I think a happy place is important in everyone’s day to day lives. It’s where the magic can happen (the creative side starts to flow) and also where a person can breathe and relax. My absolute favorite is having coffee with my hubs on a Saturday morning and just “being” together.

Thanks for stopping in, XO, Emmarie.

P.S. My dress is a #winnersfabfind!

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