My 3 Basics

Let’s face it…basics are not fun items to purchase. But they are fundamental to a great look! My basics in the winter come down to three items, a long sleeve shirt, skinny jeans and a stylish pair of boots that go with EVERYTHING! 

Long sleeves are amazing to layer under sweaters, jackets and scarfs. My go to style is always turtlenecks but there are many necklines available to suit every body type. You may be a turtleneck lover like myself or you may prefer a v neck, scoop neck, etc, on your frame. I have already bought turtlenecks in grey, white, black and cream! It makes it so easy to put an outfit together for the winter. *Sooo not ready for winter!!! Anyone else feeling the same way?

Today on the blog I am wearing 3 basics in the styles that I love with a blanket scarf draped around me. I love the versatility of blanket scarves this year. They are so much more than just a scarf, they are wraps as well and this one even has holes for your arms to go through making it that much easier to wear! My favorite way to sport it is slightly off one shoulder or hanging off my shoulders completely draped in the crook of my arms.

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie.


“A negative mind will never give you a positive life!”


Blanket Scarf | Turtleneck |  Retro High Waist Skinny  | Midnight Black OTB

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