lounge set

Benjamin and I have been working hard on getting the last few details in the kitchen ready to share with you and I thought it would be great to combine with my adorable lounge set that is perfect for at home!!! 

Ordering from SHEIN (lounge set)

This is the first time I have ordered from Shein and I am so excited to share the in’s and outs with you. The prices are great for ANY budget but with such low prices a gal can wonder about the quality you will be receiving. The good news is there is a safer way to order if you just aren’t sure or willing to “risk” it: READ the reviews! Even better only order items with good reviews AND pictures that happy customers have posted of the item. Another thing I have learned is that if you order it express (you will have to pay extra) it will come to you promptly. I didn’t and ended up waiting almost 17 business days (waaa) but I know from other bloggers that the express shipping is worth it if you need the items asap (example, last minute hot holiday, etc).

All in all I am obsessed with the items I ordered, especially this lounge set!!!! It is under $30 for both pieces and comes in 7 colors. I chose red because it’s one of my favorite colors to wear, as well as ’tis the season. But there are so many other great options (I especially love the blush pink)! I honestly can’t wait to order again, I really do think the quality for the price paid is absolutely fantastic! But like I said, take note of the reviews ♥


Blood, sweat and tears describes my renovation experience best but I have to say there is nothing sweeter than the finished result. Both Ben and I were/are very opinionated when it comes to the house so this kitchen truly is touches of both of us! The hardware and lights is all Benjamin. I chose the matte grey and we are both quite happy with our marble (like) counter tops and subway tile. Ben and I have “before” pictures that I plan to share but I am saving that for the New Year. I am hoping to blog the entire house. Seeing what it used to look like really enhances the transformation!

But I do have to say my favorite thing about this kitchen is that I can put greenery with lights on the top of the cabinets at Christmas time. My mom did it every year growing up and it was always magical. When we moved into this house the first thing that HAD to go was the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling, hehe. We would like to buy stainless steel appliances but the ones we have are still in prime condition and this is definitely not our dream house (we just needed more space) so we will see what happens!

XO, Emmarie


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P.S. It’s not a lounge set but check out this cute matching set for summer here!

lounge set
lounge set
lounge set
lounge set

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