Instagram Husband: Behind the Scenes

One of the most common questions I am asked is “who” takes your pictures?

Anyone who blogs, especially fashion blogs, understands how important, time consuming, and detail specific this photography deal is. I believe the relationship you have with your photographer is VITAL to the result of your images. It’s very common for bloggers to have a family member: husband, mother, sister, etc, for a photographer and I definitely understand why this is the case. Not only is access to your photographer important but you have to have a good relationship. Your photographer sees it all and you have to trust them 100% with your brand, your business, yourself. You also have to trust them to see what you can’t always see.

In fact, my favorite photos are when Ben saw behind the camera what I was blind to in front of it.


Benjamin and I started out with our cellphones (oh the good ol’ days) and we saved to purchase the camera that we use now. All honesty, we are still figuring it out and always learning (one thing you will never hear from me is claiming to be a pro at anything). As the seasons change, our photography skills have to keep up. Winter was hard on us. For instance; I really shouldn’t point out a flaw to you but I just want to be real. The snow is extremely bright and my skin is as pale as a ghost. In these pictures I basically blend into the background. Sometimes, it’s a lack of time to figure out how to rectify the problem (editing can be a huge life saver) and sometimes I just have to give myself some grace and post the best that I could do because let’s be honest in my mind nothing is ever up to the standard it should be which would mean I wouldn’t post anything and this blog would not exist.


Benjamin is the one walking through the snow banks trying to get the right angle. He’s the one crouching on the ground, freezing, to capture the best image we can achieve. He is also the one who has seen my tears when things don’t work out even though we tried so hard. One thing I have learned with my blog is that when things are not working you CAN NOT FORCE IT! I have tried to make it happen and it won’t change the outcome. But before I just sound depressing…there are days it just works and I have to remember to celebrate a little more on the days that it does. Blogging is supposed to appear effortless. While that may be the case for some bloggers, it definitely hasn’t been for me. And it’s not something I am going to hide from my followers or even future collaborations. I bring my best every day but just like life is messy, so is blogging sometimes.

Now, I did want to say, I wouldn’t call Benjamin my “Instagram husband” if he wasn’t really my husband ♥ Just like I would never refer to another man as my work husband, etc, if we weren’t married. You might be wondering why I am addressing that? Mostly it’s because my marriage is the most important relationship in my life and I protect my relationship with Benjamin fiercely! But with that said because Benjamin really is my husband he doesn’t only go through the emotional roller coaster of regular life with me, he also goes through the emotional coaster of taking pictures OF HIS WIFE. Which leads me to saying, Benjamin is a saint. He is always so gentle with me, supportive, has the best attitude and most importantly shows up. It would be easy for him to sluff off my blog but he doesn’t. There’s honestly tears welling as I write this because I am just so grateful for him, to him, and love him so much my heart swells.

XO, Emmarie.

P.S. I did want to give a shout out to my little sister who has stepped in to take pictures of me. As well as a thank you to Charity, Ben’s little sister who has put up with my insanity as well ♥ Love you girls so much and THANK YOU!


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