How to use Essential Oils for Anxiety!

Since being home full time (for the time being), I have started implementing daily practices to ease stress. And one of these practices has been using essential oils for anxiety.

I have had a diffuser for awhile and certainly put it to good use but never to the extent that I am now. Truthfully, the stress associated with the corona virus has hit me harder than I was expecting. *FYI, I am feeling great and do not have it but my anxiety levels have been through the roof.

I have taken many measures to protect my state of mind but it can seem to hit me out of nowhere. I was finding myself in a constant state of panic and knew I needed to look into something to help me – which ultimately brought me to aromatherapy.

My last blog, I wrote about the importance of self care in these crazy times which I hope was helpful. Today I wanted to share how to use essentials oils for anxiety. More specifically, which oils to use and their benefits.

*I also do want to note that I am NOT an expert and have personally only used oils through a diffuser. I want to note that not all oils are safe for babies, children and while pregnant. Please, please be responsible and do your own research TOO to make sure what you are using is safe for your household.

Let’s get started!


So, when I started doing my research about oils and specifically anxiety, one of the most common essential oils used for relaxation was lavender. Which was convenient because I happened to already have the oil at home and began using it right away. If you regularly experience stress and anxiety, lavender has been proven to restore the nervous system by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. It can appease restlessness, calm nerves and even improve sleep quality.


Rose essential oil is known for strengthening the heart in periods of high stress. It’s extracted from rose petals and its scent is known for soothing emotions, headaches and balancing hormones.


Jasmine essential oil has been traditionally used to detox and clear the respiratory system. It has stimulating effects on the brain improving mood/energy levels and acts as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress, insomnia (if you can’t sleep this is the one for you) and depression!


Bergamot essential oil is often used to fight bacterial infections and support digestive health. It is produced from the peel of the aromatic citrus fruit and has mood enhancing qualities. Such as promoting feelings of joy, freshness and energy. Bergamot also improves blood circulation (which is something I struggle with so I am definitely looking more into this one)!

Clary Sage

Clary sage essential oil has a fresh, earthy smell and is effective in calming stress and anxiety. The oil acts as an antidepressant and promotes feelings of inner peace and well being. *And get this, clary sage is also known to help reduce symptoms of PMS (listen up ladies) and acts as a great hormone balancer. It is suggested to apply to your feet or pulse points to help balance hormones. As well as combine with a few drops of chamomile to enjoy in a hot bath.

Now, like I said before! I’m not an expert but I wanted to share with you what I have learned. And most importantly, give you some insight into essential oils if you struggle with anxiety and stress too. Which to be honest, I believe everyone does, we just all have different ways of dealing.

Personally, I think anyone and everyone could benefit from learning the benefits of essential oils and using them in their home. xoxo.


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