How to Reduce Calories at Starbucks + my TOP 5 Summer Drinks

Over the years, I have learned how to save myself TONS of calories at Starbucks without sacrificing taste.

I have a huge sweet tooth (just ask my hubby) so I love a sweet latte or iced coffee. It’s my favorite pick me up in the day and I won’t lie, it’s something I just can’t give up! So, here’s how I implement these treats into my overall healthy lifestyle. And how I manage to successfully reduce calories at Starbucks. *Please keep in mind, that I am a calorie counter. I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but this is how I personally stay on track with my eating and most importantly in tune with my body.

First of all, always, always, always order your beverages with non fat milk, if it’s an option.

This is the lowest calorie option and does not affect the delicious taste, I promise. Depending on the size of the beverage that you order, you can save up to 100 calories just by making this small change.

Skip the whip.

Once in a blue moon, I will keep the whip on my drink. But to me, it doesn’t add to the richness of the drink. If anything it takes away, and by skipping the whip, you also save so many calories. Plus combine that with the non fat milk option and you are saving loads!

Choose a smaller size or eat less at supper and then get the big one, hehe.

Depending on how I have eaten or plan on eating for the day will determine the size of my beverage. If I am ordering a mocha for my morning coffee, I will always get a tall (small) with non fat and no whip. If I am substituting a latte for a meal I might “up” it to grande (medium). But I would still choose the calorie saving options.

And last but not least, if I want a big one at the end of the day I will eat less at supper. For example skip the fries or just have a salad and save the calories that I would have consumed at supper for my large drink. Basically, I always treat my Starbucks beverage as a meal. Or I sacrifice other items in the day so I can indulge guilt free.

Download the app and LEARN your calories.

There are definitely some drinks that I stay away from as they can be the same calories as a large supper. But there are some drinks that you may be surprised at how few calories they have. You can find this all out on the app! For instance, you can order most refreshers Venti (size large) WITH lemonade for only 200 calories. Take the lemonade out and the drink is under 100 calories. Or meet in the middle and ask for light lemonade.

But, let’s move onto my top 5 Summer Drinks and I will break down the calories further for you!

  • MANGO DRAGON FRUIT REFRESHER *Venti (large) 200 calories with lemonade, 130 without lemonade. This drink is seriously so yummy and refreshing -they don’t call them refresher’s by accident. Not only is it a lighter option on the menu but it’s also husband approved. Benjamin doesn’t stray much from his regular orders but even he can’t resist this one. Trust me when I say it’s sooo good! And I always get a big one 😉
  • ICED WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA *Grande (medium), 270 calories with non fat milk and no whip. I discovered this drink last summer and I am still obsessed. It’s a perfect dose of caffeine and sweet, and I personally love the combo of white and dark chocolate. One of the yummiest summer drinks by far. It is heavier in calories so I usually order it in grande (med) and I make sure to save the extra calories for it. It’s so worth it. Make sure you choose non fat milk and no whip for this one. You save a total of 150 calories by doing this. Isn’t that crazy!
  • ICED COCONUT MOCHA MACCHIATO *Grande (medium), 210 calories. This one is a mouthful of words to order but it’s worth it. With the same kind of idea as the white chocolate mocha (white and dark chocolate), it’s a lighter version and the perfect choice if you really need caffeine. Also be warned that it starts off sweet with the first few sips and slowly becomes more and more coffee taste. It’s kind of amazing in it’s own way because you get the sweet at first and then the COFFEE. As you can see, I don’t choose non fat milk in this one because part of the flavor is the coconut milk.
  • STRAWBERRY ACAI REFRESHER *Venti (large) with lemonade 200 calories, without 130. The same type of refreshment as the mango dragon fruit but instead with strawberry flavor. Very, very good with lemonade.
  • ICED CARAMEL MACCHIATO *Grande (medium) with non fat milk, 210 calories. This one is a beloved classic and definitely nothing new but I had to include it on my list because sometimes you just can’t beat the good old classic’s, am I right???

As you can see, I like to reduce my calories at Starbucks to around 200 calories (or lower) whenever possible. But just remember that if you listen to your body, you will know when it’s time to treat yourself and when you should tone the drink down. By remembering these tips (summed up: non fat milk, no whip, smaller size) you can enjoy Starbucks while not sacrificing your health and body goals. I also like to view Starbucks as my treat, so if I had a Starbucks that day I try to eat a healthy supper with greens and protein. Remember life truly is all about the right balance. Hope this helped you as it has helped me reduce calories at Starbucks, xoxo.

P.S. Here’s some cute outfit ideas for a Fall visit to Starbucks!

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