How I Spent the Holidays

First of all, I can’t believe that Christmas is over and we are now IN 2018! While it is very typical for December to fly by, this season seemed to go particularly fast. If you have been following along with the blog you may have noticed that Benjamin and I took a trip to Vancouver the weekend before Christmas. One of my dreams came true on that trip and there is an entire blog all about it (read it @ His and Her Style IP Ball). That trip threw December into a bit of a gong show with all the preparation and had us rushing home for a couple days of work before our Christmas holidays officially began. But looking back, we are both so glad we went and can see how important it was that we did.


December 24th’s arrival felt sweet as we gathered our things and drove the 30 minute drive to visit Benjamin’s family for a few days. Our time at the farm was pure bliss. I adore the peace and tranquility and I honestly couldn’t feel more blessed by the family I married into. I love them to pieces! One of my favorite traditions with the Karcha’s is the amazing meal that we share and of course the Christmas movie marathon. When I realized watching Christmas movies together was a real tradition with Ben’s family, I was overjoyed. My mother and father in law have a projector that they set up and we spent an entire evening absorbed in the holiday spirit that is Hallmark! And it’s always entertaining listening to Benjamin and his sister exchange sarcastic banter. A little something about my hubby and his family…they thrive on sarcasm. I never truly appreciated the art of sarcasm until I spent real time with the Karcha’s!

New Year’s

We headed to Alberta on Boxing Day with the decision to drive this year (we were regretting that choice by the end of the day)! It’s a 14 hour drive to my home town and by about the 10th hour, a person is pretty tired of being cooped up in a vehicle. But we made it and spent 5 full days with the Wilkinson’s! We had our Christmas as a family on the 28th, turkey, gifts and all. One of my highlights was skating with the family and watching my 4 year old niece follow Benjamin around the rink the entire time. It was adorable! I cherish time with both sides of our families so much and honestly can’t get over the blessing of family ♥ I was also able to see my older sister’s new place for the first time. Her family moved out of town and have plans to build on the land that they just purchased. There is an older home on the acreage that they are living in while building. I am so excited for them!

Heading Home

With our Vancouver trip, it felt like we had traveled for 3 weeks straight so we were ready to come back home. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all that I have to catch up on but am going to enjoy the process as much as I can. Ben and I broke the trip up with a stop in Edmonton. My brother caught a ride with us which gave us more visiting time and we were happy to spend a night in a hotel downtown Edmonton! Room service and hot tub was just what we needed. We still had a 9 hour drive the next day but took full advantage of that time to goal plan. To say I am excited about 2018 is honestly an understatement. The plans that Ben and I have fill my heart with pure happiness!

Outfit Details

A gal wouldn’t survive in the Prairie winter without a great pair of black tights. Side note, I discovered the best place to buy tights, best bang for your buck so make sure to refer below. I am wearing opaque tights but I also like sheer black as well. To me, opaque is a touch chicer’ than sheer but it also depends sooo much on the outfit as to which one is more complimentary. I traveled home in this outfit so I went with comfortable vibes. This slouchy sweater is one of my favorites. It slouches loosely on or off the shoulder and has the CUTEST back. My clutch (it has straps as well) was one of my finds in Vancouver. Aldo has the cutest statement purses right now (be sure to check them out here and don’t miss the sale section). I fell in love with this bold but neutral purse and there’s a ton more I would really like!

Thanks for joining me in holiday and fashion fun, XO, Emmarie. 


Twisted Hem Sweater (similar) | Handbag | Booties | Skirt (similar) | Tights (found them at Ardene’s, size small control top, super comfy and you can get 3 for $10)

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