Hottest Makeup Trend, Velvet & Peep Toe Booties

Have you heard about the latest makeup trend? I have been dropping hints for a couple days that it’s coming to the blog and I am so excited to finally share it with you! First of all, I want you to know that I am NOT a makeup expert. I love makeup but I am a very natural faced girl during the work week and generally only play around with different looks on the weekends for my blogs. My talents in this area are limited, I don’t even wear eyeliner because I can never seem to get it right (the perfectionist in me is too strong) so keep this in mind as I share. But back to this new trend…it’s surprisingly easy and flattering. Just please remember not to go too crazy with it, hehe. My goal is to always keep it classy!

So, are you ready for it?

It’s simply applying the same color to your eyes, cheeks and lips. If your shades are not exact that’s ok, just keep it all in the same general color scheme. This was my first attempt so I kept it super simple with a brown. In my next blog I tried a pink which turned out really nice and I can’t wait to go bolder and try BURGUNDY. Wouldn’t that be amazing! I may wait for my makeup artist to help me with that one. I could see that one going wrong on me pretty quickly so I will probably need her expertise, haha!

Velvet. You may have noticed velvet making its appearance in the fashion world and I am pretty certain it’s here to stay all Fall long. I have seen the most gorgeous velvet dresses in gorgeous colors and they are kind of magical! I saw this little tank on my latest shopping trip, the color was what initially drew me in (I am loving light green right now!) and once I realized it was velvet I was sold. The color and texture will add a special factor to your outfit. I promise!

Booties. These booties remind me of a sock bootie which I LOVE but they have a peep toe and peep ankle. I will admit that I am not at all ready for Fall and part of me didn’t even want to think about my Fall wardrobe yet. So, that definitely played a role in my purchase of these specific booties because they still have that element of summer to them that I am enjoying but will also be perfect for Fall! If you are wondering how these boots fit, they are true to size and have a zipper on the sides so they are very easy to put on. I also find them to be very comfortable for a heel!

For reference I am wearing size XS in tank, size 0 in jeggings, and size 7 in booties. I find all items to be true to size.

P.S. This look would also be really cute with a slouchy sweater! I am on the hunt for the perfect one and will definitely share it with you when I find it. I am being really picky 😉


Velvet Cami | Retro High Waist Jegging | Peep Toe Bootie | Little Crossbody | Eyes (Amber Blaze) | Cheeks | Lips (Rich Truffle)

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie!


“We rise by lifting others!”

Robert Ingersoll

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. Your makeup and outfit are spot on. Something like this I can wear all year round in California. Just throw on a check shirt or a light jacket in the cooler months. I think peep toe booties are so cute. I bought a pair from and I’m loving them. What brand of makeup are you wearing?

    1. Thanks Jenna. You are the sweetest! Glad you enjoyed it. I am not as blessed as you are, winter is very harsh in Canada but I can’t wait for Spring time and lighter clothing once again. I wear Mary Kay makeup mainly but do bounce around a little bit with other brands. I will have to check out your link, thanks for the referral and the wonderful comment!

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