Hair Transformation with Monat REVIEW

Monat review

As promised my review of Monat is here! To be honest, it was hard to wait to share this experience with you but it was very important to me (especially as a hair stylist) that I allowed the proper amount of time needed to asses before providing you with this review of Monat. Before I really get into it I do want to state that this is MY personal experience with Monat and I can’t account for any one else’s. But I do know how I personally feel about this product and it all comes down to this…Monat has changed the relationship I have with my hair!


I have been obsessed with attaining long, healthy locks for YEARS! Unfortunately my hair is on the finer side and fragile. I have been able to keep it longer for a few years now but I was always fighting with split ends that would break up my hair even though I was going for regular “tiny” trims, kept heal tool usage to a minimum, stayed up to date with treatments and rarely ever colored my hair.

Since using Monat my hair has changed in 3 ways:


This is no lie, my hair has never felt smoother, softer and I can’t get over how glossy it looks. I have always had issues with frizz, especially the first day of washing (even after straightening or curling my hair). With Monat, not only is my hair silky smooth, it doesn’t feel flat to my head or weighted down in any way. I love running my fingers through my hair because it is sooo soft to touch!


I totally admit, I was skeptical about new hair growth and while it has only been three months I really DO have baby hairs along my hair line that have sprouted. I have also started to notice new hair growth coming in all throughout because when I style my hair I have to spray and smooth the little hairs with hairspray. Along with hair growth skepticism I was also skeptical of hair repair. I ordered Rejuvabeads as a pure experiment. I honestly didn’t believe a product could heal my split ends. While rejuvabeads does NOT replace the need for trims, it does repair to some extent and will keep your ends looking full and fresh until your next hair cut. If you don’t believe me, just try the product and see for yourself. It’s amazing!

Rejuvabeads here.


When I take the time to style my hair with Monat the style STAYS! I have always had issues with my curls going limp an hour or two after. This was extremely frustrating to me because I would put in the effort and reap absolutely no result. Now, I can happily put in that effort knowing it will look beautiful all day long (just make sure you still use hairspray). This is probably my favorite thing about Monat. I love that it will STAY in exactly the way I styled it (tight curls, loose, wavy, etc).


Is Monat worth the price? I won’t lie to you, it’s expensive but in all honesty, YES, to me it is worth the cost. Here’s a few of the reasons why. Monat’s shampoo and conditioner contain smoothing agents, heat protection and styling aids all in one which dramatically cuts down on cost at home. It eliminates your need for multiple styling products.

The only products I apply to my hair are shampoo, conditioner, intense repair treatment (optional) and rejuvabeads (also optional). I haven’t had the need for mousse, texture sprays, etc. Keep in mind that I do have long hair so am referring to this from that perspective. All I use when styling is hair spray (to hold the style in place). Also when I shampoo, I only use dime size portions. This product requires tiny amounts and should give you great bang for your buck when used properly. *Please also keep in mind that I only wash my hair every 3 to 4 days, which cuts back on product usage.

Total, complete honesty, I am so impressed with Monat! Everything I have used has felt top notch in my hair and the results have been better than anything I have ever used. As a hairstylist I have always used the best of the best on my hair because it’s WORTH it! Hair is every woman’s glory, and it’s important to me to keep my hair healthy and strong. Monat has taken my hair to a NEW level and has been life changing ♥


Renew Shampoo | Replenish Masque | Rejuveniqe Oil | Rejuvabeads | Intense Repair Treatment


I hope you enjoyed my Monat review. Please feel free to pm or comment with any questions you may have and I will do my absolute best to answer them in regards to this personal review of Monat. Also, if you are curious about purchasing these top notch products at a cheaper price our VIP membership is a great option.

Thanks for joining me in hair fun, XO, Emmarie. 

*This is second day hair, curled very loosely with a one inch curling iron. I put a tiny bit of Rejuveniqe Oil in my hands and ran my hands through the ends of my hair to piece the curls out just a touch. It took me 5 to 10 minutes for this style (on second day, dry hair).

monat review
monat review

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