First Summer with my BIRKENSTOCKS (REVIEW)

I purchased my very FIRST pair of Birkenstocks in the Spring and I thought it would be fun to do a little review on the blog of my Summer with the popular sandal. At the time of purchase, I remember genuinely wondering how they would hold up so I am going to touch on that today along with answering some of the most common questions people have been asking.

Are they comfortable?

The most asked question since purchasing is whether or not Birkenstocks live up to the ‘comfort hype’ they have around them. Like I said I bought mine in the Spring but didn’t really start wearing them regularly until June. I found there to be a break-in period of about a month but a couple blisters later (I blister quite easily, lol) they were completely molded to my feet. I can go on long walks very comfortably and besides the fact that they are a sandal and not strapped to my foot like a runner, I hardly notice them. One thing that did surprise me is that three months in they reached a whole new level of comfort so I do wonder if it just gets better the longer you wear them?

Are they worth the MONEY!?

Birkenstocks are just enough $$$ that a person tends to think a little longer on the purchase and I also find myself expecting much more out of the shoe. It’s why I’m doing this particular review because even I, after buying want to see and test the longevity. So far, I am impressed! The style that I chose has a bit more of a ‘worn’ look to them (which I chose on purpose) but honestly, they look as good as the day I bought them and I have been just about everywhere, doing everything with them. I purchased with the sole intent of them being my every day shoe so I did not hold back!

What size should I purchase?

Generally, it’s recommended to size DOWN in Birkenstocks for the perfect fit, the reason being they mold to your feet. However, I decided to go with my regular shoe size. And while I was going back and forth a bit on it (even after making the purchase) I am glad that I did. With that said, I truly think it comes down to preference. I like a little bit of room in my shoes, my feet also swell in heat and I would much rather my shoe look slightly larger on my foot than on the verge of too small, which is what I found when I tried a size down.

SO, all in all, I don’t really have an answer for you besides, preference. One thing I could add is that after molding to my foot, my sandals did not feel too big, if that is a concern.

Is the soft foot-bed worth the extra cost?

If you didn’t know, Birkenstocks offer some of their sandals with a soft foot bed for an additional $50. Because I had taken such a long time to FINALLY buy a pair, I did end up splurging on the extra softness. Was it worth it? I’m probably not the person to ask, haha! Just because I don’t know what the sandal is like without it BUT if you are worried at all about the comfort or breaking-in of the sandal, I think it would be the best route to go!

Am I happy with my BIRKENSTOCKS!?

Dependent entirely on four months of almost every day wear, I can say that I am very happy with them. They’ve checked all the boxes! Comfortable, so far are holding up very well and look cute with almost everything. Ask me next Fall what I think but at this point, I think I’ll be buying another pair when the time comes.

How do I choose the right style for me?

It was almost impossible for me to choose so I know it’s not easy. I hemmed and I hawed for an ETERNITY. I knew I wanted the classic two strap but it was the colors, texture, buckles that was so hard because there are so many choices, almost too many, lol. I had it narrowed down to two pairs and what it came down to for me was that one material was easier to wipe than the other. Seriously, haha!

I would highly recommend looking at the sandals online for a long time beforehand, narrowing down your choices and then going to a store to try on in person. Trust your style, your preferences and ultimately choose the sandal that feels most like you and would compliment your wardrobe best. I still drool over the pair I didn’t choose but ultimately I know I made the right decision. I just wish I could have gotten both, lol.

I hope this helped especially if you are on the fence. If there’s a question I missed, just reach out or leave a question in the comments, xoxo, Emm. P.S. There’s a entire Birkenstock highlight on my IG, if you’re interested. P.S.S. I chose the dark brown ones!

One more thing, this blog is not sponsored. I genuinely just wanted to share because I have been wanting to buy Birks for years and have had sooo many wonderings about them.

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