Finding the POSITIVITY on Social Media

Why can’t we be friends? 

It has been a really rough week online. From strong opinions on politics to business, I haven’t been able to go on Facebook without coming across a lot of hate.

The fighting literally makes me feel ill.

I personally avoid drama like it’s the plague and any kind of conflict in my own life throws me into a state of chaos. I do not function well in a troubled environment. That’s why this past while has been particularly hard on social media and when I tend to withdraw as much as I possibly can until the conflict subsides.

Social media has a way of going through stages. Stages of peace and stages of strife. Sometimes it’s what is happening in the world…I find winter to be particularly painful because everyone is so fed up with the weather and more or less in a depressed state. Their frustration can often come out online in many forms (I am guilty of this myself). And while I am not speaking against freedom of speech, I do make the effort to avoid the negative and focus on the positive. In no way am I perfect in this aspect.

I find social media intriguing because in many ways it is an outlet for people. I, for one, view my blog as an outlet. My safe place to share and enjoy my passions in life. In that same sense, I have to be extremely careful because there is a fine line between it being an outlet and a place for my strong opinions to come out and be forced onto others.

That is the last thing that I want! 

When I go to write a blog post, I “always” think about the reason behind it. Is it merely because I am frustrated and need to vent (which would be a post I should not be publishing) or is it because I want to share my experience in the purpose of hopefully helping someone that can relate.

It’s glaringly obvious that this world is not perfect and I can’t just stand by and do absolutely nothing. But, maybe I can offer something by being a positive voice. I don’t know about you…but as I have aged my opinions seem to grow stronger as well. I am enjoying coming into myself but at the same time sharing such strong opinions and views doesn’t seem to be productive. Not many people have the same opinion as I do and that is ok. We are all entitled to our own views and our personal opinion.

If it isn’t obvious, both my husband and I love social media. We have been a part of conversations with people who only focus on the negative side (believe me, we see that side) but our take on it, is that it’s not going anywhere. Social media is THIS age and is only going to develop further. That’s why we have decided to be the positive! We want to be the encouragement on your feed (again not saying we are perfect by any means, always working on getting better) but that is our end goal. To be the uplifting voice and the helping hand.

Do I have fun with my fashion blog and sharing items and products that I love? For sure I do! Is this my business? Yes. But, in no way would I ever want you to feel forced to have the same opinion as me or be a client. If you feel like reading my article or partaking in fashion fun, that’s great. If not, that’s great too!

Like the song “why can’t we be friends”, all I really want is to get along in mutual respect. XO, Emmarie.

Let’s BE the positive! 

P.S. Some fun posts are coming your way soon. I have found myself focusing on serious topics and want to bring a few lighthearted blogs your way. I figure it will be a nice distraction from the time of year and the negativity that seems to come with it ♥


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