Fall Fashion Fav’s

Fall is ALL about scarves, boots and pumpkin spice lattes (from Starbucks). I am drooling already and debating making a 3 hour drive just for that delicious latte! But you know what pleasantly surprised me this year? Tim Horton’s makes a pretty good pumpkin latte – thanks Drew for the recommend. It doesn’t compare to Starbucks but it’s a nice treat and best part, it’s accessible.

Anyone else love Fall fashion? It really is my favorite! What girl doesn’t love cozy attire! I especially love Fall accessories. I can mix and match to my heart’s content and I feel like I have a new outfit every time! Let’s talk about my favorites this season!

Scarves | Wraps

Reversible Scarf/Wrap in Grey and Pink

Blanket scarves and ponchos have been all the rage the past few years but I am starting to see something I like even more. Scarves in the form of a scarf AND wrap. Just like the one I am wearing. I am going to showcase it as a wrap on the blog soon! I absolutely LOVE this look and the versatility.


Beret (my exact) | Fedora in Light Grey | Fedora in Black and Navy | Knit Beret

Ladies, stop wishing you could wear cute hats and just WEAR them! Hehe! You know who you are…


 “It” Shoe in Olive | “It” Shoe in Print | “It” Shoe in Assorted Colors and Textures

Velvet and suede. I can’t get enough. Linking the IT boot this season for you. I am seriously drooling over all of the above.

A Great Handbag

My Exact Bag | Satchel in Black and Blush | Clutch in Black and Blush | Satchel in Blush and Bergundy | Satchel in Floral Print

When Fall comes around I love a classic black bag. I am drooling over the blush and burgundy bags that I linked above. As well as a gorgeous floral print! Can I buy them all! Please! 😉

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie.

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