Did we feel SAFE in Mexico?

did we feel safe in Mexico?

I think we worried most of our loved ones when Ben and I told them we were headed to Mexico for a holiday! The hype surrounding the country right now has many Canadian’s worried (and I know there are some very legit reasons). In fact, the number one question Ben and I have been asked upon return is “did we feel safe in Mexico?” So, I wanted to do a complete review for you on the blog and ultimately answer this question!

did we feel safe in Mexico?

This was the first time Ben and I stayed in Mexico. We had a couple stops on our cruise a couple years back in Progreso and Cozumel but I don’t really consider that “counting”. So, this really was our first experience! I told Ben that there were three things I wanted from this trip: #1. I wanted to feel safe (even I had some hesitation in going). #2. I wanted a hotel that backed onto the ocean. #3. I wanted it to be hot. Yeah, yeah, I know I can’t control the weather but that’s what this trip really was all about… escaping the cold in Canada!


I think one of the best things that I did going into this trip was not having high expectations! We definitely did not stay at the fanciest resort and I knew that going in but, we did stay at a place that looked comfortable -from what we could tell online. And the beach and pools were wonderful, which is what mattered most to us!

When you are in Mexico, the standards just aren’t the same as in Canada. Ben and I were laughing constantly at the lack of safety codes. In saying that, things are just different than in Canada and I think as long as you go with that knowledge it won’t be something that will ruin the trip for you. And honestly, if the weather is as nice as it was for us, you hardly spend any time inside. All in all, we were comfortable, for being in Mexico! I honestly think it’s all about perspective.

did we feel safe in Mexico?


Since it was all inclusive Ben and I enjoyed many delicious virgin drinks (lots of pina colada’s and strawberry daiquiri’s). There were 5 restaurants that we could make a reservation at as well as a buffet that we had access to all day. But, in all honesty, the food was just “ok”. It was sufficient when we were hungry but to us it seemed like it didn’t have flavor. Nothing that we could really complain about but it wasn’t something that were tempted to over eat (which was a good thing in a way, haha). The only meal that we absolutely LOVED was the Mexican meal. So, if you are going to Mexico, try the Mexican cuisine because that was A+!

I shared on one of my stories that it was impossible to find a good cup of coffee and I was amazed at the response. All that have been to Mexico private messaged me saying that they experienced the same thing. I had some recommendations to order a Cappuccino or Americano and it would be much better. And it was, so thank you so much for the advice! Ya’ll know who you are ♥


Like I said, it really was all about the beach and sun, but we partook in a show every night at our hotel, definitely not Vegas quality, haha, but it was still fun. We also went on one excursion, boating along the shoreline. That was definitely my favorite because Ben got to drive us around in a personal boat (with a tour guide leading in a separate boat ahead). That same day we toured around on our own and found a beautiful mall + Starbucks, surprise, surprise, haha. One of our favorite things on any trip that we take is just walking around and taking in the sights. Since we always choose a warmer climate, we soak in the weather and experiencing new things!


did we feel safe in Mexico?

If you’re still hanging in here, yes, Ben and I both felt safe in Mexico. Our resort was a great experience (the staff was fabulous) and there was only one time on the trip that I felt a “little” sketched out. It was on the first day and it was just a case of getting a feel for our surroundings. We wandered into a local beach area, lol, everything was fine, it just made both Ben and I a little uncomfortable.

But, honestly, Ben and I approached Mexico as we do all of our trips! We both have made personal choices not to drink alcohol and I know that saves us from what could be unsafe situations. We only tour in daylight and in public areas. And we always, always keep our heads up!

The way I look at it is, I could find things in my every day life that scare me; it would be so easy for me to live in fear. Instead, I pray A LOT for safety and health and I choose to “live” my life to the fullest! Ultimately, trusting Jesus with the time He decides to give me. I try and make wise choices along the way and I figure that is the best I can do. Honestly, every single trip that Ben and I have taken we could have backed out of because we were scared. Including this one.

Keep in mind, this is just “our” take on it! Backed with “trying” to make wise choices. xoxo

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