Cozy Knits and Breakforth One

What a weekend!

Ben and I made it home from Edmonton in the early AM Tuesday morning (3 am, yikes)! It was an intense weekend that wiped us both out physically but as usual our minds feel renewed and refreshed!

You might be wondering just what the big deal is concerning Breakforth? It’s a funny thing because I was struck with a memory of my young teen self hating attending conferences just like it (only geared towards youth). There were many reasons behind my feelings, the usual insecurities I harbored, not feeling like I ever fit in with the other kids that attended, feeling so alone in a “sea” of people, etc. Never in a million years would I have imagined attending similar events in the future with my husband and LOVING it! But here I am and I can’t stress the blessing it is to attend. What I love most is the beautiful focus on healthy marriages and family life. I don’t think I am more passionate about anything than I am about people working on the most important relationships in their lives, family ♥

Breakforth is hosted once a year downtown Edmonton for believers of all denominations to study, learn and worship together. It’s packed full of classes and music! This year we heard musicians like Hillsong, Ben Cantelon, Family Force 5, etc and Ben and I attended all kinds of classes. The schedule is intense, starting Friday evening with a main assembly and concert. Saturday begins at 9 am with an assembly in the morning, break for lunch, classes all afternoon, break for supper and a main assembly and concert to end the day. Sunday is much of the same! As I mentioned before it wipes us right out but inspires, renews and motivates the heart ♥ We look forward to it every January!

When we are at Breakforth our entire focus is on the conference but we always try to sneak in a trip to West Ed before we leave. I found this yellow textured knit at H & M and paired it against blue ripped denim with accents of black. I also think it would look so cute with faux leather leggings! I traveled home in this outfit and it was so comfortable (although I admit, I may have changed into sneakers). I wore heels on Sunday and I swear a gal must burn double the calories walking in heels. It’s not a matter of being uncomfortable, it’s a matter of how much energy you have to burn right? 😉


My exact sweater (wearing XS) is the first one on the widget. Jeans here (wearing size 1), boots (wearing size 7) here, and purse here (similar).

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, XO, Emmarie. 

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