Self CARE at home during this crazy time!

If I am being super honest, it’s a daily choice for me to wake up and choose self care and a calm state of mind these days! No one is immune to the feelings of fear and trepidation that are happening in the world right now and in no way do I want to be insensitive but I really wanted to share some things with you that are helping me get through! I know I personally just have to stay positive so…

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Are YOU Struggling with Iron Deficiency?

Getting a little more personal on the blog today because it surprised me to learn how many woman are struggling, or have struggled in the past, with iron deficiency.

In fact, a quick search in google and a tap into Statistics Canada informed me that iron deficiency affects 20 to 25% of the world population and is more common in women than men.

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Hair Transformation with Monat REVIEW

Monat review

As promised my review of Monat is here! To be honest, it was hard to wait to share this experience with you but it was very important to me (especially as a hair stylist) that I allowed the proper amount of time needed to asses before providing you with this review of Monat. Before I really get into it I do want to state that this is MY personal experience with Monat and I can’t account for any one else’s. But I do know how I personally feel about this product and it all comes down to this…Monat has changed the relationship I have with my hair!

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