His and Her Style IP Ball

It was a “White Christmas” at the 2017 IP Ball! White curtains draped from ceiling to floor, crisp linen, jewels and white feather’s were only a few of the wonderful details that set this evening apart from the rest! A live musician entertained at a grand piano to a gathering of impeccably dressed men in suits and gorgeous ladies in sequin gowns! The evening included a six course meal, speeches from IP themselves and of course a lot of mingling in his and her style! This was our first time attending the Infinite Prosperity Ball (has been hosted all over the world) and hopefully not our last.

HER Style.

You voted and the majority opinion was to see me in a classic gown. This was not a hard feat as classic rings very true to my personal style. I had visions of a red dress so it felt “right” when I found this one. I absolutely love the timeless elegance of this dress. It fit my form perfectly and I love the striking slit! What really amazed me is that it required zero alteration. I had debated a sequin dress since it truly compliments the season but I was happy that I went with my instincts as I was the only lady in red and this kind of gown will never go out of style. And since my gown was a solid color I was able to incorporate some holiday sparkle with my clutch and earrings. It also gave me an excuse to purchase this tan jacket that has been on my wish list. Red and tan are one of the best color combinations in fashion if you ask me!

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A Jumpsuit for the Holidays

jumpsuit for the holidays

This lace jumpsuit for the holidays had me at first glance! It’s black with gorgeous lace detail and has the most beautiful back you have ever seen. While the jumpsuit may not be for everyone, if you want to step out of the box just a little bit in your personal style, it’s the perfect place to start. They have a certain edge and sophistication, don’t you think?

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