Warm Weather Essentials, OFF the Beach!

So, you’ve got your swimsuits packed!

Hat, CHECK, beach bag, CHECK and of course sunscreen, CHECK. But, what about the rest of your trip? What else will you need for your winter escape?

You hate to over pack and a day at the beach is pretty simple to anticipate. Have you thought about the days of sightseeing or what you will wear for a nice meal out? What other warm weather essentials will you need? No worries gals, that’s where I come in! I’ve assembled a warm weather LIST – off the beach edition just for you!

Starting with…


warm weather essentials
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Fashion Trends I am excited to try in 2020!

Fashion trends come and go! Some I fully embrace, a few I try just for fun and some I let pass me right by, hehe. Today, I am rounding up the fashion trends that I am really excited for in 2020 and would love to hear what you think!

I’m a firm believer that life is too short not to wear cute clothes and a huge part of the fun for me is keeping up with the fashion trends. I just find it so fascinating!!! Not every fashion trend is right for everyone but there are definitely a few I know I am eager to try in 2020.


fashion trends 2020
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