2018 Reflecting


With every NEW year, I realize just how “short” the time span truly is. And I will admit, as tired as people may be of the themes that come at this time of year, I love reflecting on the ups AND the downs and setting new goals! I generally find that the hard times was where I grew and the exciting times motivated me to keep going and keep GROWING! Because no matter how much we like to admit it, without growth in our lives, we remain stagnant. And if we remain stagnant, in my opinion, we are going backwards.

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My 30th Birthday!

30th Birthday

What a weekend! All I wanted for my 30th Birthday (still can’t believe I am leaving my twenties) was to be surrounded by my favorite people! I was definitely missing a few but my mom and my little sister came all the way from Alberta to celebrate with me! Best Birthday gift ever!

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Personalized Watch for Him with JORD

I am married to a man who always gives more than he takes (his generosity towards others is one of the things I love most about him). It’s hard to keep up with the wonderful things that he does for me so when I saw this authentic wood watch by JORD I jumped on the chance to gift him one “just because”. I love the fact that he can pull it out for special occasions to enhance his already dignified style. I also love that I was able to engrave a special message on the back side that will make him think of me.

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